Sunday, May 8, 2016

One Mother of a Day

This is the earliest picture I have of my own mother. She always hated this picture  and I've always loved it.

She grew into quite a beauty. No wonder my diddy fell in love with her.

The above was at one of her wedding showers. Don't you just love the hats?

I don't think I've ever seen my diddy look happier not to mention so very handsome.

I was the youngest of three and pretty sure I was a surprise. I'm glad I made the cut.

We had the best childhood a kid could ever dream of having and don't ask me why women used to take a good purse to the beach.

I grew into the ugliest kid you could ever be but absolutely treasure this picture of us together. The first time my oldest son saw it asked who it was? I told him it was my mother and me. His response?

"You was a boy?"

Now I'm almost fifty six, have three grown kids of my own and a grand baby to boot.

How exactly did that happen in what seemed like the blink of an eye?

I'd never win Mother of the Year but have never been arrested for being a bad one so guess I did okay.

Being a server for almost thirty seven years, am always the oldest one now. I work with kids from the age of twenty and up.

It blows me away how many kids these days grow up in broken homes or are raised by a relative. How these kids made it this far amazes me.

No wonder some of the younger kids where I work think I'm such an awesome mom, and not just where I work now but for the past fifteen years.

We hit skid row a few years back and almost lost our house. Losing any of my kids was never an option.

I actually love being considered the restaurant mom.  I like being known as someone you can count on. My kids all like to say I'm someone who can throw some sh*t together and think that's a pretty good description of the person I've become.

My life started out spectacularly and didn't hit a bump until I was well over fifty. It took me a minute but feel like I have my groove back.

A lot of people haven't had the good fortune I have and would be thankless of me not to share the wonderful life I've been blessed with.

Going on almost two years being without my husband and our family all together but in less than sixteen weeks will all be together again and begin the next chapter of our lives.

If someone asked me to describe myself, would most certainly post the above photo. It says it all.

Laughter, loved and never sorry for being myself.

I had an excellent Mother's Day, all alone and left to my own devices... a working riding mower and weed eater.

I have three kids kicking their young lives out of the park, a sister and brother beyond any other and three pups who always agree with me.

What more can a person ask for?

I'm riding the Crazy Train!

Til next time a contented COTTON

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