Monday, May 9, 2016

Spinning Out of Control (in a good way)

With each and every shift the crazy house aka the world's busiest airport continues to boom even more. It's killing me and spinning out of control (in a good way) but my stint is almost done. At the end of May will only have twelve weeks left. I may stay until Labor Day but that's my limit.

The insanity of logistics going to and from combined with parking and security are enough to make  anyone crazy and certainly need no help in that department.

Tonight was a Monday, the slowest day in the restaurant world. After getting home, got out my calculator. I made a little over eighty one dollars an hour, including my base pay of $3.10 per hour. That's insane money to someone like me and a mighty grateful person for it.

Granted  was an unusually busy day and not to pat myself on the back (which I do) am a pretty awesome server.

When it's busy  have all the wheels spinning, multitask like nobody's bidness and rock it like the boss server I am. You have to or else you won't bank big.

Even better, Tim (ole Jed) called this morning with more great news from Orlando,  to be shared in a few days.

One thing I have learned over the past five years is this. When God seems to only be  telling you to wait, do it.

I'm going to rock this job out of the park for the next four months, sock away even more  money and move to Orlando where we'll enjoy the rest of our lives in comfort.

I still keep waiting for that fifth shoe to drop but can't think of any animal with five feet so will keep working like a horse, forging ahead and never look back.

My one constant is  "Do good and good will happen".

This job has been our bridge over troubled waters and the silver bird (airplane) has helped us to sail on.

Til next time... Contented COTTON.

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