Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just Damn

I got proactive last night after getting home from work and made a list of everything I needed to do today, my last day off until Sunday. Then I scratched off the things I knew I'd never do to make it more realistic and rewrote my plans. I actually got all done but two things so will just add them to tomorrow's.

I like making lists. I like seeing things get scratched off the list even better. Sometimes I'll drag one or two things from list to list to list for weeks (sometimes months) but if I keep putting them on the list generally (usually) eventually get them done. That last sentence totally sums up my way of thinking and way I live my life.

I woke up this morning at nine when hearing my cell phone ping, indicating a new text message. It was from my husband in Orlando. It read:

"NX passed this morning, y'all need to call your brother."

Ironically enough the last message from Tim, posted right above this one was sent this past Thursday and read:

"NZ is gone, Chris had to put her down today. Call him when you get a chance."

My brother lost both his four legged loved ones in less than a week.

Just Damn.

We knew the female had cancer and was living numbered days but the male was perfectly healthy. My brother said they had bad storms last night and neither dog has ever fared well during them but at least had each other for comfort.

Chris seems to think he may have had a heart attack. I wonder if he simply died from a broken heart? The two dogs had been together since they were puppies. One thing I did know is that my brother's heart was breaking. I called him immediately and we talked for a couple of minutes. I knew he didn't really feel like talking but guess I needed to. I told him I loved him, those dogs especially loved him and not only had he given them both a pretty terrific life, I think they made his life better too.

Not really a stellar way to start my day but what can you do? Life gives no guarantees and very few do overs. You have to be ready to go or let go at any given instant of time.

When you inhale a single breath of air, that's life.
There's never any guarantee you'll be around to exhale.
There's actually no such thing as life insurance if you ask me.

So I got up and started my own day, realizing I was lucky enough to be able to.

I started at the top of my list and took no short cuts. One by one things got scratched off, and in order for a change. I almost went postal at the post office but guess that's why they call it that. I had the kid's tax forms to mail and needed stamps anyway. Got in line, only four people ahead of me. I had stopped at The Dollar Tree for envelopes because I ran out last night on the last state return. I was in line, leaning on the counter looking at the form to copy the address onto the envelope when a postal worker came out the secret door to the lobby and asked what I was doing? I told her I was filling out an envelope and she asked if I could step to one of the other counters and pointed to the other side of the lobby and do that?

Seriously? There's four people ahead of me and the line's not moving (I wanted to say) but gathered my things and walked across the lobby to the other side of the post office by the P.O boxes, filled out my envelope, put the form into it and sealed it.

Then I walked back over to the other side of the lobby where six more people had walked in and got back in line, behind them. A woman (now) two people in front of me was doing the exact same thing I had been doing, filling out an envelope on the counter while waiting in the line now over ten people deep and guess what? The woman from the post office came back out of the door again but this time started chatting with the woman filling out an envelope, smiling and all cheerful like. I almost said something but then she announced loudly "Anyone just need to purchase stamps?" so I (politely) raised my hand and she directed me to the automated machine on the wall. Three times in a row it said was unable to read my card. I tried again to no avail. It had worked fine for the man who was using it when I walked over to it and pretty sure I did the exact same thing he had. It's not rocket science. I was ticked by then. I turned around to get back in line for stamps and the line was fifteen deep.  The woman who had directed me to the machine was nowhere to be seen.

I waited in line for almost twenty more minutes. And guess what? I paid for my stamps with the same debit card and worked the first try.

Just Damn...

I could have let that ruin my day (certainly was a good attempt) but wasn't going to let it. I went on to the next stop on my list and finally a last one. Only two things weren't scratched off but Massey is off tomorrow and will let her be my scratch off ambassador. Lucky for her, at least the post office got scratched off.

Til next time...COTTON

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