Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So I Made Lemonade

As my time here in Georgia begins to come to a close is bittersweet, much like lemonade we've been making for over half a decade. I look back over the past six or seven years, shaking even my own head in wonder.

Time flies. Literally.

Seems like yesterday I was going through the drive thru at the bank to make my deposit (always the furthest lane from the building) and making fake cell phone calls to look busy while secretly hoping the teller wouldn't tell me I was overdrawn (again). I remember my crazy (but sweet) mother in law telling me to take a spoon and scratch across the account and routing number at the bottom of my check with the tip and would prevent the check from being automatically read by a machine and would be kicked out and have to be entered manually by an actual person, giving you at least one more day.

It actually worked and sometimes kept our electricity on. I also remember how many people from Massey's high school helped us when she was on the color guard. I could never afford the dues but worked each and every event to help and many, many  moms helped with picking Massey up and bringing her home from practice while I was at work. They also stocked my kitchen cabinets and even helped pay for her letterman jacket.

I worked for a mom and pop restaurant at the time, after being fired from LongHorn and while didn't make fantastic money was taken care of by the owners as if was one of their own kids. They floated me interest free loans and once or twice ( maybe three or ten times) loaned me money until payday.

I had friends from high school sending us gift cards and guard moms as well. My sister cashed in her own 401k and she and her husband gave us several thousand to keep us afloat.

I also remember running our trash can out to the street in my nightie and giving the guy five bucks to take our trash even though we hadn't paid. Did it more than once.

Now six years later, we are better off than we've ever been. Yes we have both worked hard and furiously albeit a thousand miles apart but now coming together and getting back to each other with nothing but blue Florida skies ahead.

Ole Jed, aka my husband is coming home this weekend for my nephew's wedding and think he will be muy impressed with all we've done around the house. Just a few more things to do and will be leaving my nephew and his wife a pretty awesome place to live.

My paycheck showed up pending in my account today for Thursday. Biggest one ever.

We've recovered because we were covered.

I know for a fact my husband is a great person and am just the person trailing behind but urging him on.

It takes two for a marriage to work.

Easy isn't in my vocabulary but determined is. 

It's been a wild  ride and roller coaster. 

I'm glad I stayed with the one who brung me to the dance...

Till next time...COTTON

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