Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Turning the Page

I've been cutting the front of our subdivision for well over three years. I hated when turning into it and the front looked overgrown, so for a while cut it without anyone asking me to. The first house sat vacant for almost a year and cut it as well.

Then the HOA contacted me and offered me twenty bucks to continue...and I did. By that time we were flat broke so felt grateful to have the extra money. Then months later realized they used to pay my son to cut it for twenty bucks over ten years ago.

We negotiated and was upped to sixty a month.

I can't get my mower down in the culverts on each side because of all the exposed rock (broke three blades trying) and have to weed eat them both. It takes over three hours to, number one pick up all the trash peeps throw out their car windows  then, number two cut the hills on both sides. Then  have to weed eat both gullies (as I call them) and go back and blow all the grass back off the street and onto the curb.

I initially accepted the agreement because we were well over two years behind on our HOA dues and told them to apply the sixty bucks to our back dues.

Guess what? My dues are paid up now and doing okay at the Clampett compound.

We're not rich, far from it but have enough money now to pay our bills...and crazy enough on time.

I absolutely love working in my yard and cutting grass, even weed eating but ain't gonna do it anymore for the HOA. In my opinion they got a whole lotta work out of me for cheap and am tired of doing it.

In their defense appreciate them letting me cut to get our HOA back dues caught up, but caught up they are! Good luck with them finding someone who will do the job I did for over three years for sixty bucks.

I think when got attacked by yellow jackets on the last cut made me realize...

 I love yard work but needs to be in yards I love. Massey took  this pic of me a few years back going to cut around my parents grave site located at the oldest Christian church in the state of Georgia.

I'm moving on. We're moving on. 

It's all gonna be okay. Five years ago I didn't think it would, but it is.

When life gets tough, you need to get tougher.

Looking back and reflecting over the past five or six years of our lives have come to only one conclusion... which seems to be the right one to live by.

We chose to live.

Til next time...COTTON

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