Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Really is a Gift

It really is. I mean sometimes it can be a not so nice gift and even at times be really crappy gift but it's always a gift and will never be a re-gifted one.

Mine's pretty much been all the above and that's okay too. Now that a lot of the crappy gifts are behind me, I can look back and find some nice things about all of them and are actually all  appreciated.

Tim's still a cowboy out in Texas and almost halfway through with his two year sentence (stay) in Lubbock. He travels all week which am sure helps and the kids call him a lot so we've all kept in touch. I'm not big on Skype or Facetime, can't stand the way I look on it but we text and talk on the phone.

The not so good gift of being in Texas for two years has been the gift that saved our marriage.

Tim's a lot nicer person than I am and pretty sure after the last five years of him putting up with me being right and him being wrong (totally not the case) feels as much relief as I do for a short stint apart.

He's always been an excellent father and Massey misses him most, the boys do too but boys are boys.

The boys are twenty nine and and twenty three now. They both think they're grown up.

A lot they know!

I'm already getting nervous about having to quit my job in a little over a year. It was a huge leap of faith which turned out to be saving grace and hands down the greatest job I've ever had. It's totally seasonal work but after over a year have learned to adjust. Sometimes is almost embarrassing how much money I make and other times drops to just a really good night when worked street side. I've learned to save  during the Phat times and be grateful for the not so Phat times which are still way above what I used to make.

We had a slow period a few weeks back, knew it was coming and did. My paycheck dropped almost in half but was still enough to get by and pay all bills.

Then just as quickly it picked up again and my next check was the largest it's ever been. After a really spectacular night I sat and added up on a calculator what I made that night. Eighty eight dollars an hour.

If anybody in Human Resources really knew me, would go to their higher up and say "We pay that  old clown eighty eight bucks an hour?"

Yes they sometimes do and this old clown is grateful for every penny!

Whatever gift comes next, will...and going to be grateful for that one too.

Til next time...COTTON

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