Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fasten Your Seat Belt

Thankfully 9-11 passed normally and quietly at the world's busiest airport. I noticed passengers seemed quiet and pensive on the short shuttle ride to departures from the parking deck. Can't blame them, it would have to cross your mind before buckling into the seat belt of an airliner on any post September 11.

Security was tight, especially considering I enter work through the international terminal. I made the comment to my daughter after retrieving our purses from the x ray machine that if security was just as diligent every single day, it may have prevented 9-11 from happening.

True that.

Later on that night after getting home from work I started thinking about the word diligence.

Webster's defines it  "Earnest , persistent application to an undertaking; assiduity".

I had to look up assiduity (don't believe I've ever even heard of the word) but meant "Persistent diligence;unflagging effort. Constant personal attention and often obsequious solicitude"
(with obsequious meaning full of or exhibiting servile compliance... and solicitude meaning care or concern).

That's a whole lot of meaning to get out of one pretty short word... and I thought about that a minute or two.

So pretty much it means doing your best and I mean as related to doing your best in everything and doing it every day. What a great world it would be if we all lived our lives diligently every single day.

I may not be diligent a hundred percent of the time, but am trying to get there and not doing too bad of a job if I may say so myself. The past five years certainly helped in that respect which backhandedly make the past five years good ones too. Now that's what you call finding a silver lining my friends. Sometimes you're simply just not looking diligently enough to find it.

I can say with pretty (almost) strong conviction that am a hundred percent diligent at my job. When a  professional server. is an awesome asset to have and most always determines your financial success and even sometimes your job security.

I've been in a diligent cycle for over five years now in my life. I've kept on when thought I couldn't go one more step. I'm in a vicious cycle. I work in the yards, work in the house and kitchen, go to work, pay bills, buy what we need , come home and start over all over  again.

It's a wonderful feeling, it really is.

Diligence. It's all you really need to succeed.

Til next time,   COTTON

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