Friday, September 11, 2015

Oops My Bad

Dang when I saw this selfie thought "Wow I look old" and was right. In my defense have on absolutely no make up and is the side of my face which bears the scars left when I cracked my head open on our kitchen table a couple of years ago. Come to think of it I don't look that bad after all.

I left the house this morning around nine thirty to go get my above haircut. When I got to the front of our subdivision discovered why all three dogs had been barking all morning in our back yard. Utility workers were finally burying the cable that has been running from one box to another trailing down our street for at least a year.  (must be union or government workers)

It finally all started to make sense.

For the past two months they've had little blue, yellow and red flags sticking in the ground at the front entrance. It's been a pain in my butt because the last three times I've cut the front of the sub div had to start by removing all twenty or so flags first. The even bigger pain was when I got through. After cutting it was hard to see the colored spray paint they had used to mark where all the different flags were supposed to go. Most of the paint gets cut out of the grass and I just kinda guess where to put them back.

Jeez, by the look of all that deep digging they were doing certainly hoped I was a really good guesser.

Oops, my bad.

They had a bunch of fancy trucks, hard hats, orange vests and cool looking power tools. They looked like professionals so I decided to just wait and see if they were. I turned out of the subdivision and went and got muh herr did. A woman has to have priorities.

When I got back thirty minutes later (I'm a low maintenance hair do) a guy was trimming limbs hanging over the power lines right near where I got attacked by yellow jackets a month ago cutting the front. I slowed down, lowered my window and hollered (what we do in the south) to him to be careful, there was a yellow jacket nest behind the wall.

He hollered back "Yeah we found that out about thirty minutes ago the hard way!"

Guess I was about thirty minutes late with that tidbit of useful information!

My bad...again.

On the (my) upside, when I got home we still had running water, power and no gas line seemed to have been hit or ignited.

Guess they were professionals!

This is my last summer cutting the front so imagine I can make it one more month without killing anyone in the sub div since cable got buried safely without much help from me.

Oops my bad, yet again.

I felt grateful for being a good (lucky) "flag put'r back'r" but felt bad for not warning the dudes about the yellow jackets when I first left.

I think (maybe) I was too worried about being responsible for the entire sub div being blowing sky high by a misplaced buried utility cable flag.

Hey, it's all good.

We all survived.

Til next time...


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