Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Miss Summer Already

It's hard to believe next week will be October. Where and how did summer go so quickly?

I'm okay with fall, actually love the seasons changing but know that after fall comes winter will and winter means cold weather until spring. I do hot a lot easier than cold, my hot flashes are proof of that.

Guess I'll drag some clothes out of the bins in the garage and get ready to layer up! Before that I have to contend with this...

Tomorrow (now today) is not only a full moon but a blood moon and  total lunar eclipse. That sounds like craziness for sure and already (scheduled for) work in a crazy house called the world's busiest airport.

Let the good times roll.

It was weirdly quiet tonight at work. Last night was balls to the wall and slam banging from beginning to end. Made incredible money and sailed out of work well before midnight.

Came home and went to bed by one thirty, early by my standards but was worn out. I couldn't get to  sleep, although Ziggy snoozing next to me on the bed seemed to have no problems at all.

I fell asleep around five thirty but woke up before nine. Had an awesome forty five minute nap around eleven and got up for work by noon.

Yep, full moon madness was in full effect and already affecting ME.

We don't have a restroom in our restaurant... heck all our food product and alcohol are kept across the hall located behind Starbucks in two locked coolers... linens, towels and uniforms included. Space is at a minimum in the airport. The travelers act shocked, dismayed and often ticked that they have to actually walk a hundred feet to a restroom.

Geez, think how employees feel when we have to pee and it's busy?

There have been times when I've walked out of the restaurant untying my apron as I (fast) walked across the atrium and by the time was hitting the restrooms had my belt undone holding my apron over the front of my jeans (already unbuttoned) ready to cop a squat because the more you think about having to pee the more you have to go...especially if you're fifty five.

At least they can go when they first get the urge.

A co worker had to go pee tonight and I watched her tables for her. She only had one and they had already paid.

Murphy's Law:

They triple sat her. I greeted the first table and took a drink order, did the same to next one and said hello to the third. When greeting the third table, told them their server's name and said I would help them until she could.  The woman looked at me and said (not kidding) "What's she doing, parking her car?"

Yep, it's gonna be a crazy crazy full moon.

What's even crazier is I'm kinda almost looking forward to it. Every day is a crazy one. Can't wait to see what Mr.(blood, full, total lunar eclipse)Moon has in store. Should be awesome to write about.

I came home and blogged. I also finished a load of laundry. I let the dogs out for a while. I think I'll sleep okay tonight but even if I don't only have a day shift to contend with. By six o'clock Sunday night will be home and can do as I please.

Til next time... COTTON

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