Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Silver One...Just Like Our Hair

 It's been a quarter of a century. Sometimes seems like two years and sometimes two hundred.

Got a picture text from him today, he's traveling again. He travels about five days a week and don't think he was in NYC when he snapped this one. Bless his pea pickin' heart.

Massey posted a group message (which I detest and still don't understand) this morning to Tim and me.

"Happy Anniversary you two! 25 years and still going strong!"

Tim text back:

"Yes  25 years and your mother still puts up with me, even though she had to ship me to Texas to make it this long."

Massey text back:

"25 years and you still put our family first. We miss you daddy."


"I miss y'all too."

That back and forth text between my husband, father of our children and our daughter was the greatest anniversary present and group text this ole gal will ever (sometimes confusingly) be a part of.

I'd say we're doing okay and almost up to that being a tremendous understatement!

 Lots of little things in life build up and make it  huge.

If you think life sucks, you're missing its enormity.

Look again my friends.

Till next time...COTTON

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