Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Proud to be a Clampett

It's one of my top three favorite TV shows of all time. My other two are early Andy Griffith Show episodes and early Leave it to Beaver.

I'm a crazy person and love to watch me some crazy folks. That's probably why I enjoy working at the world's busiest airport so much. No short supply there!

With God as my Witness, we are so much like the Clampetts  have no doubt we're on the verge of Black Gold...Texas Tea.

We don't need or want the $24 million , we just wanna breathe and the air gets clearer every day.

I haven't chased a Utilities man to his leaving truck in our driveway with a bad check on cut off day (in my night shirt and underwear) in over almost two years.

That my friends is progress!

You know  when it was all happening (our financial meltdown) I was stressed beyond belief but still (mostly) managed to find the comedy. I NEED to laugh.

YOU need to laugh.

We need to laugh.

Crying rarely helps. (and makes your eyes all puff up)

We're gonna make it, I'm almost kinda certain now.

It's a good feeling... but for those of you reading this, still seemingly drowning remember one thing:

"This too shall pass".

...and it will.

Til next time...COTTON

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