Sunday, August 30, 2015

So Close...

I got almost four hours of sleep last night before getting up for work this morning. It rained like crazy the entire ride to the airport. I detest driving in rain but at least made it in time to be the first server there. I took my multi vitamin, a Zyrtec and Aleve followed by an espresso and was good to go go go!

Massey rode with me but didn't have to be in until ten; I go in at eight thirty. She let me get out at the front door of the terminal and drove back to the parking deck, parked and rode the shuttle back. She's such a good little helper to her tired ole momma.

We open at ten, had maybe three or four tables by eleven so sent one of the servers home early. I never leave early. If I'm getting up before seven, ironing a shirt, putting on make up and driving twenty five miles...I'm there for the duration even if it's painful.

Around three it finally picked up a bit. I made over $230 in less than two hours and clocked out by five.

That'll make you feel better, and it did. The ride home was rain free, stopped by and did the grocery thing; came home and put on a big pot of chili then put some ribs I had thawed in the crock pot for tomorrow. Just like that, had dinner cooked for four days! We can eat chili for a day or two or switch to ribs then make chili dogs. I like multitasking, makes life much easier.

One more mid shift tomorrow (go in at one thirty, get off before nine) and will have all of Tuesday to my own little self.

I had someone message me after reading one of my blogs asking for financial advice on getting back on track.

Here's my secret.

"Never give up"

When we were at our lowest would bounce a check to keep the power on, was cheaper than a reconnect fee. I got rid of cable channels and cut the front of our subdivision to pay for back HOA dues.  We were (and still are) lucky and had an outpouring of love and support from friends, family, Blog readers and even strangers.

If you aren't lucky like we were, never hesitate to contact the Salvation Army or any local church. My sister's Sunday School class helped us out when our septic tank backed up a few years back.

We owe them a sh*tload of thanks...literally.

Pray a lot.

Stay positive, even when you don't feel like it. Staying positive doesn't cost a dime and is worth every penny. (trust me)

Keep a journal. The written word is old school these days but a wonderful way to remember and reflect.

Always remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Lean on your friends and rely on your faith. The Big Guy's pretty smart.

Be a good person and never stop believing.

Yep, this was taped in Texas, where my husband is currently living all alone away from family, friends and our three kids and pups. Also thank The Lord men don't wear jeans that tight anymore.

If you never step out and take a chance, how can you know how far you could go?

I'm not a fan of comfort zones, they never got me anywhere. Call me a rebel, I consider it a compliment.

Til next time...COTTON

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