Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Still My Bestie

Hours away from being twenty years ago I called 911 around four AM and sat on a towel at the end of our driveway as I almost bled to death. Twenty three minutes later the doctor ripped open my guts and gave me a tiny baby girl barely four pounds.

She blossomed quickly and wasn't hard to decide on her as my bestie. Heck, the word bestie wasn't even invented yet but somehow knew that's what she was.

She didn't speak until almost two but when she did, didn't stop. Still hasn't. That's when I knew she was mine.

She's been girly from the get go. Me, not so much.

So we're total opposites, but complete each other in our own dysfunctional way. Sometimes I have to be to be heavy but that's what makes me the momma.

She, on the other hand keeps me in the loop and tells me when I'm being or look ridunkulous. She helps me retain my semi cool status.

Clear crystal blue eyes which seem to SEE your soul. (a good thing) Heart so accepting, makes my own small  chest burst with pride. Her heart's as big as the universe and then some.

She was a thinker then and still a thinker now.

The look on her face in the picture above says it all at the tender age of six. "I think you guys need might need my help. I'm down with that."

It's pretty awesome to raise a hero.

Til next time...COTTON

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