Friday, August 28, 2015

Life Realization at Fifty Five

It appears I'm a slow learner. Last week I got really frustrated about a couple of (three or four) things.

After pouting and griping for days to our three dogs and anyone else around the house who would listen I finally came to the realization there are some things in life you simply can't do anything about but can always find something positive if you search deep within yourself and always try to do your best...always!

We had a solid (over) five year financially downhill struggle but after a few wrongs turns and  couple of bad decisions finally found the way with help from The Big Guy and tons of supporters.

I'm not crazy about my husband living a thousand miles away but in all honesty has been somewhat a welcome break for us both. It got pretty ugly for a while and was mostly (all) my fault.

At least I'm honest.

It's not easy living with a woman who always has the sharp, rapidfire comeback for anything you can or may say, and can forget trying to rebuttal. ( just gives me more material to work with)

With now less than a year to go,  Fang and I will be living together again. It'll most probably take him that long to miss me if he's as smart as I think (know) he is.

The new job I have is seasonal and need (have) to prepare in advance. International travel is totally different from domestic. These crazy international fliers march to the beat of a different drum, sometimes steel and sometimes bongo or gong.

When it's hot, is RED hot.

When it's not, it's NOT.

I can go from making four hundred bucks in one shift to scratching out a Franklin and change in another.

Lucky for me I like scratching.

I work in the yards so much with my buddy, Mr. Weed Eater usually always have one or two patches of poison ivy which feel deliciously wonderful to scratch.

My Diddy used to always seem to enjoy scratching his athlete's foot through his white (supposed to help with AF) socks while drinking a  Co-Cola watching Bob Newhart on Saturday nights when I was a kid.

And when it's slow at work, worry myself sick about what will happen if it never picks up again.

Then I start to pick apart life...the wrong way.

Why do some people seem to cruise down Easy Street while I'm battling traffic back up it?


Don't worry about what other people do or how they do it and get by. Worry about what YOU do and how you do it!

Worry about what you are doing right, not what others are doing wrong.

KARMA is a big ole  bee-otch (probably has a gross mustache, eye boogers in the corners of her eyes  and hairy mole too) laughing at ones who just don't get it. A lot of peeps will be stunned and shocked when learn she's real. I may not be around to witness, but it will happen.

I need to stay positive and not worry. I need to take advantage of all the opportunities I am afforded, given and not worry about people who don't. I need to pray for (not) judge them. They'll learn too. The even (harder) way.

I have enough on my own plate to deal with. It's still not Easy Street but am closer to it every day.

 Dang it was great to grow up in the sixties and seventies. I'm still lucky after all these years! A whole lotta peeps can't say that. That's kinda sad to me.

I feel like an entire generation is missing out on real life while Tweeting, Instagramming and Snapchatting.

At least all my bad choices, decisions and actions as a young adult aren't on the Internet to see and half the peeps who witnessed it can't remember what they went into a room for anyway, much less how to Google it.

Yep! I'm lucky.

Til next time...COTTON

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