Monday, May 4, 2015

Now You Know

I picked Massey up from college for the summer on Thursday. She started her new job on Saturday morning with me at eight thirty (ish) and yes I was running late.

She was on her first day of training, scheduled to follow the server assistant and begin learning how to do her new job. Training lasts two weeks.

There was no server assistant to follow so instead I taught her the table numbers first and showed her around the back of the kitchen. We're usually slow until after noon but as Murphy's law would have it was balls to the walls busy from the minute we rolled the gates back to open.

She did great!

Number one she learned the table numbers about seven days quicker than I did and gave it her all the entire day shift. Let me point out day shifts start at eight thirty in the morning and if busy can last well until after five in the late afternoon, which this one did.

Heck, even I was pooped.

Technically no one had to tip her out since was in training but the girl made over fifty bucks in tip out plus training pay and earned every penny.

Now she really knows how hard I work...often six days a week, at well over half a century old weighing in at nine five pounds. (after eating and wearing my heavy Danskos)

In a tired but celebratory mood we stopped by Walmart to pick up a gallon of milk on our way home but spent $117.00 by the time we checked out. Her feet were killing her (welcome to my world) so we got her some good gel inserts for her work shoes. Bought all new replacement bulbs for the outdoor flood and porch lights, a few groceries, staples and...


"That will be one hundred seventeen dollars and fifty eight cents" so sayeth the woman ringing us up.

I was able to pay cash (always a good thing) and went home with my new toys aka staples for the house; replacements for broken things (switches knobs hooks and dials) and even eight new cereal bowls for two bucks. We eat a lot of cereal and the price was screaming "BUY ME!" so I did.

Massey went right from cramming for and taking her finals in down town Atlanta while going through a tedious process of getting hired in a security scrutinized , FBI background checked, finger printed and badge required part time job in the world's busiest airport to being thrown on the floor the minute the doors opened in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Atlanta who also happened to have one inside the new international terminal, was busy from the jump but somehow managed to not only get through but knocked it out of the park.

Yep,  seems my kids have been paying attention to me and their father these past few years!

Actions speak louder than words and kids never listen much to their parents anyway.

The relief has finally been released and our life is once again grinding but now forward  with much appreciated and pleasant  good fortune and lots of sweat and tears.

As a raging half century old hot flasher,  was just the breeze I needed to feel and know Tim was sweating even more.

We thrived at first and enjoyed it immensely.

Then survived the barren valley four years (pun intended) wandering, worrying and wondering but with much help and love from above and all around us are hiking back up at a surprisingly rapid pace, thanks to both having great new jobs a thousand miles apart yet bringing us closer together.

For (quite) a while felt like we should receive a Purple Heart in a big bodacious ceremony if survived.

Now I know.

Life isn't a race to be won but something to be experienced and learn from.

Life is also ironic.

The company I now work for has a list of fourteen steps for success and one is "Learning and Growing".

Massey, just like me has luckily landed in a great place to learn and grow....and prosper!

Enjoy the ride.

That says it all.

Til next time...COTTON

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