Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Purge

I'm hoping the garbage man is in a really good mood tomorrow. We've cleaned every closet and drawer and tossed stuff that's been holding my garage hostage for years. Why keep a broken ironing board for three years?

Trust me, this is a MAJOR improvement.

I weeded my flower beds, covered with pine straw and added a new layer of pebbles around the edges. I trimmed the bushes overtaking the front of our house and found out we lived in a blue house. It's not the Biltmore House but then again, none of us are Biltmores.

All ten of my nails are broken and smell worse than the dogs did before Massey and Zach bathed them today.

It's not done but a lot closer to being done.

I even rode ole Johnny Dear up to the front of the subdivision and cut there too. I'll have to admit weed eating around the dead possum carcass in the ditch was disgusting with a billion flies around and on it but at least it's done now. The possum seems to be about halfway done too.

Massey and Zach went grocery shopping for me this morning and even paid for them. Then they came home and helped in the yards, bathed all three mutts and Massey even cut my elderly neighbors yard. I usually do it but she got no argument from me and did a nice job.

I cleaned up all the clippings from the yard and added them to the already redunkulous pile of bags by the street.

Zach grilled out steaks for us. I made a big salad, sauteed some mushrooms and onions, cooked some rolls and fried some crinkle cuts.

Dang, I should have had six or seven kids! Imagine what I could get done with a whole pack of 'em helping me. Then again, if I had that many they would probably band together and turn on me in a united force of protest.

I'm running the hottest bath I can, adding a pot of boiling water (our hot water heater ain't the greatest) soaking in my garden tub and calling it a excellent  day.

When I came across the above post it was like an epiphany to me.

Life may be tough but even on the toughest days always beats the alternative.

Live, love, laugh.

Till next time..COTTON

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