Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Lucky Day

We (Massey and me) rolled out about seven forty five this morning for work after closing the store last night around eleven.

I was a bit apprehensive about getting my daughter on where I work but have worked with all three of my kids at different times and all went well.

If I could just get her to quit calling me Momma at work it would be perfect.

It's an upscale, fine dining European/ Mediterranean restaurant and took me six months before I was making instead of faking it.

She started the job full of energy and limped home on blistered feet the first night exhausted and overwhelmed.

I got her some good Dansko shoes like I wear and have to admit the girl has knocked the job out of the park from day one.

She asks questions, a lot of them and has shown interest in every part of the job from learning wine varietals to knowing how to present and give brief descriptions of food she often delivers to tables.

It's a nice mix. We work (and ride) together three days a week and have opposite schedules on another two giving us a break.

They already asked if she might like to transition into a server in the future and would be a bang up job for a kid in grad school. Heck, she could pay tuition and live on her own with money to spare.

I say, go for a PHD!

I already have my PHD in BS  (says my husband).

We've finally reached the point of not only living pay check to pay check but having enough to get by comfortably. As Pink Floyd says, we're no longer Comfortably Numb but comfortable.

My husband comes home for his first visit in late July and seems like a hop skip and jump from now.

I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. My hands no longer feel like two balloons waving frantically. In hindsight was just a pin prick and lucky enough to have  plenty of family and friends wanting to know where it hurt the most.

Til next time, an EXTREMELY lucky COTTON

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