Wednesday, June 3, 2015

That Full Moon Madness

The power of the Moon has always intrigued me, especially when full. It controls the ocean tides and makes people act nuts. It usually also means big bucks for servers and today was no exception.

Monday is a slow day street side. In the world's busiest airport at a fine dining restaurant things can change in literally five minutes. I got to work at one thirty and was a ghost town. The servers had waited on about three or four tables each. I clocked in and went immediately on the floor so one of the day servers could leave.

At two o'clock the bottom fell out (in a good way). In less than five minutes I had six tables going and every time I turned around was being seated again. By three o'clock I had made well over a hundred dollars and tables were still pouring in the front door. By four o'clock I doubled my money and the restaurant emptied as quickly as had filled.

We had an hour or two to regroup, catch up on silverware and polishing and the steady stream started again. Every table was pleasant and generous. I was cut before eight, left with a gracious plenty and plenty of thanks to The Big Guy upstairs. I walked out of the airport as the last of daylight faded and saw the full moon lurking above behind the clouds. I thanked The Big Guy beyond the full moon once again and went home early.

 Number one, realize after being a server for well over thirty years I should be good at it but finally feel  am beginning to hit my stride in the profession (yes it is a profession) and earn my keep!

Number two,  absolutely love the restaurant group I am lucky enough to work for.

Number three, I've never had a job where it doesn't matter which manager is working to have a pleasant shift. That's a HUGE bonus in my working world.

I equally respect and admire all three of my managers and chefs who are always helpful and encouraging as opposed to demanding and sometimes degrading.

It appears I have six leaders not six bosses. That's hard to find or have in this day and age no matter where you work.

Not to pat myself on the back (well maybe for a sec) also realize you get what you give. I try and give a hundred percent every time I clock in until the time I clock out. They aren't paying me to make money, they are paying me to help make the restaurant successful and be part of the reason for success.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Heck, even I did!

As the above photo shows (used my selfie stick just today) the past few years haven't  really taken that much of a toll on me and think have weathered the storm rather nicely.

My husband still  thinks I'm hot and he's right.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night literally drenched in sweat and other times have trickles of sweat running down both sides of my pathetically thin rib cages while simply writing down an order at work standing totally still at a table in an air conditioned restaurant.

Dang, I thought I was a riot. The Big Guy is obviously The funniest.

It starts when he either gives you huge boobs at a seemingly inappropriate age or none at all (even funnier) right after He slams you with blood river once a month.

You'd think the trick of pushing a human out of a less than dime sized hole would be good enough but NO!

Then a few (lot of) years later after the blood river finally runs dry you get to sweat like Mel Gibson at a Jewish shindig for years at totally random times, and never get the paycheck he does.

I think it's just God's way of telling us women  "Life's not fair, wear a helmet".


Yeah, I was geeky little flat chested girl who people called "Big Mouth" but is one of the first 45 records I ever bought with my allowance. "Tell it Girl!"

I should have seen it coming but in hindsight think we all handled it pretty well with lots of help from The Comedian Upstairs and hundreds around us down here.

I'm calling this life a Grand Slam.

Til next time...COTTON

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