Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hot Mess Heard!

It was a hot one today. It was in the mid nineties but cutting grass felt like it was well over two hundred. Cut and weed eated for three hours, came home threw together three dishes and packed them to go. Took a shower and got to the party a mere thirty minutes late.

The place I used to work had a reunion of old school employees at a local park. It was at least a hundred degrees when we got there. On the good side, no need for chafing dishes, every thing stayed plenty hot. One girl brought a butt load (small pun) of pulled pork and the rest of us all brought sides and salads.

We were all unloading our cars and dishes when one of my very besties came up and said "I just want you to know first, he's here."

It wasn't a shock.  I kinda figured he may come and was prepared.

My mental nemesis, my former manager who fired me from the steak place and spiraled us further into the five year abyss.

I smiled cheerfully at my bestie as we carried my food to the picnic area to add to the spread and said since was a pot luck dinner "That's okay, maybe he brought me an apology."

He didn't but that's okay too. I can hold a grudge like nobody's business and actually found out tonight it doesn't matter to me anymore.

What matters were the other twenty or so people there who loved me and me them!

It was hotter eating than it seemed cutting grass earlier and all melted like old candles but did it together and enjoyed every minute.

I honestly didn't give him being there a second thought (maybe one) and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I really needed that job when I lost it and was a horribly depressing time in my life.

I don't need that job anymore.

We got this now.

The miracle of my life (I've finally realized) is that I'm still alive to experience it.

It was great seeing all these friends. It felt great to not need one of them to help me out financially. (and many did)

For the first time in well over five years finally felt okay with feeling proud to be a former member of this LongHorn family.

Fun in the sun and sweating with the oldies!

Til next time...COTTON

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