Saturday, June 27, 2015

Okay So This ISN'T A Dream ?

All I can say is "Wow!"

It's brutally hot here in the south  right now and by the time I park at work, fast walk to the Sardine Shuttle (bus) get through security and clock in at work am already sweating like a four hundred pound woman being made to hop on one leg while wearing a zipped up velour running suit under a full length mink coat complete with hat, scarf and gloves...inside a sauna. I got to work fifteen minutes early to eat my leftovers from last night out of my nifty six buck lunch box in the hallway out back of the restaurant. I sat on a big box of bread on the floor barely making a dent in it and woofed down my dinner from last night while I studied my wine index cards... still sweating.

The restaurant group I work for has mission statements, one of which happens to be "Learning and growing" and constantly push my tired tiny brain. (yes my brain's skinny too)

The new wine list comes out in a week or so and am frantically trying to learn them all well enough to properly sell, serve and be familiar with. I used to think wine in a box was good.

We have a menu meeting every day before work and lately have been about the new wines and involved some sort of contest or quiz. I started pitifully, started at least getting on the board with one or two good answers but finally almost knocked one out of the park today!

One lone server who shall remain nameless (we'll just call her Laura) is like a freaking knowledge sponge. She knows grape,  producer and region of pretty much every single wine, old list and new. She's as smart as she is big and have learned quite a bit from my plus sized friend.

Today was an elimination game. You were tossed a potato and had five seconds to name a new wine, or something about it then toss to the next person. If you couldn't come up with anything you were out.

Dang, I was one of the last two standing today! Me and my plus sized friend. We really are Lucy and Ethyl.

I am so grateful for this job, still seems like a dream but am doing everything I can to make myself a valued part of the team for as long as it lasts.

Tired tonight but have tons more to talk about. Thank goodness tomorrow is a day shift and can catch up on "Me- Bloggin".

              Til next time, COTTON

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