Thursday, May 28, 2015

Warp Speed Ahead

I had a note up at work to pick up an extra shift today and got lucky. No one wanted off!

I had grand plans to work in the yards all day but The Chief Meteorologist upstairs decided I needed to cook and clean inside the house instead so I did.

Both the kiddos are at work (a good thing) and I'm putzing around the house and garage making everything tidy, neat and exactly where I want to find it.

I have a tiny bit of OCD about where I want things to be but the ancient Chinese disease I also sometimes suffer from (Dragon Ass) makes it okay if things get messy every once in a while. That also gives me someone to complain to and about (the kids)  when I feel particularly tired or grumpy.

Everyone should have kids! They're a great release for stress and usually unarmed.

I worked seventy sometimes eighty hours a week for so long that almost feels like cheating to work just forty but sure feels wonderful and certainly has made our house a much more desirable place to be. Go ahead and ring my (non working) doorbell and see if I don't answer. I ain't scared. (anymore)

It wasn't a lot of fun while happening but the past few years happened for a reason and can't change the past anyway. You can only learn from it.

I hope our learning period is over for a while.

 It's almost June and my husband has been living in Texas since February. He's coming home for a few days at the end of July. I think he'll be impressed at all we've done around and to the house.

It's not up for any awards from Better Homes & Garden but looks better than it has in years and's finally a work in progress as opposed to a house we barely kept by the skin of our teeth.

Hey, it's not like I was gonna fix it up so the mortgage demons could resell for a hefty profit but now in less than two years will be ours free and clear. Time to get busy!

Working forty hours a week feels like part time and can finally exhale. I feel like I've been holding my breath for almost five years waiting for this huge exhalation... and it's here!

I haven't bounced a check in well over three years.

Haven't had a utility cut off or even close to it in over a year.

I answer the phone or door now without hesitation or worry. You never know...(btw) is Ed McMahon still alive toting around that big check?

Just checked, he's not (2009)...but there's always Ellen!

The dogs are never out of dog food anymore and all current with shots and vaccinations.

I feel good.

I'm still alive.

All alone here for the night but still cooked a nice dinner for later on when the kids get home from work. My dogs like smelling food cooking and besides, it's not really considered drinking alone if you have three dogs around you while you cook is it? Anyway, it's my day off and felt like celebrating!

With all we've been through, is still nothing compared to what hundreds of millions endure on a daily basis for an entire lifetime.

I can say with complete confidence that with mucho help from The Big Guy , family friends and sometimes even strangers...

We done it!

Never give up, you don't know what lies ahead and it's a waste of effort not to see.

Til next time...COTTON

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