Friday, May 29, 2015

Rolling Along

Well, we haven't struck oil yet but we got a new ride and a second great used car. I'd say the Clampetts are rolling right along!

I got home from work tonight a little before midnight and got the bills out. Tim's paying the mortgage and insurance from Texas and I'm taking care of everything else here. It adds up quick. I pay the electric bill, water, gas, Internet, sewer, garbage pick up, Verizon and food for not only us but two hundred and fifty pounds worth of Pup. Not to mention shampoo, soap, toilet paper, every other staple a house needs and that weekly something which always seems to come up either empty, broken or needing to be replaced.


All paid and have enough to make it until the next paycheck.

Dang, I'd forgotten how good it feels to be almost there.

I'm now working a sane (albeit hard) forty hour work week but feel like am working a part time gig with two days off  and making more money than I ever have in my life. Bonus points, I love the job!

They say when you hit the bottom there's only one way left to go... so we took that route.

My daughter landed a job where I work and is making not only her tuition for next semester but plenty of money for insurance on the car we bought her and spending money to spare.

Zach is Zach but with a lot more wisdom and help from when pressed but sometimes even offered without asking.

I feel like Me again!

This is Tim and me before we had three kids sucking us dry but on the verge of being ready to take it all on...

and did with pretty good results, only a couple of bumps and one court date.

We are a crazy eclectic bunch but wouldn't change one thing about my family or the past five years.

So my kids got a momma who wears a lamp shade on her head at a party. Is that really a bad thing?

So Tim got stuck with a total and complete opposite who sometimes (often, probably frequently) feels like a thorn in his side but has turned out to have a high tolerance for pain and mental anguish.

I'm calling this leg of the race a WIN!

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and thinking maybe that has "Freakin' Kelly" written all over it, be that better or worse!

I'm just grateful none of them have tried even once to snuff me out and blame it on the dogs.

It's finally coming together for us and have even been able to pay a bit forward here and there but no where close to what I owe.

It just simply feels wonderful to go to bed at night and know everything will still be on in the morning.

It's the little things that make you see the big picture.

I'm blessed, we're blessed and need to remember that... Always.

Til next time, Cotton

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