Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gotta Use That Vision Insurance Soon

I can't read squat without my glasses on, the most expensive pair I have cost $1.99 (on sale) and even they're not really getting the job done anymore.

I got home from work tonight and saw a water bug in the dining room hall. I've had "Spray House" on my to do list for a couple of weeks now. I went out to the garage and got my big ole jug of pesticide and started spraying all around the baseboards immediately.

Me no like bugs, they creep me out.

Massey was in her bed on the first floor behind the kitchen and once she heard me kill a bug had no problems with me coming through to spray the baseboards in her room too. She's worse than me. When she was in high school and see a bug when I wasn't home, would put a jar or glass over it to trap it until I got home.

I started chuckling and told my daughter about the time when she was away at college and I came home late from work and sprayed over half the the house before almost passing out from the fumes, put my glasses on and discovered I had picked up the jug of weed killer in the garage instead.

Dang, I have great insurance now after almost seven years without and have yet to use it.

I've been living by the medical practice of "No news is good news" and got me this  far.

Guess I need to go hear the bad news too now that it's cheap to do so.

At least when they tell me I need to wear glasses all the time THAT won't be a shocker.

Finished my exterminating duties (with BUG spay) and feel better already.

I've never hired an exterminator, I spray the entire inside along every baseboard and in every cabinet and closet. Then I go out side and spray around the entire foundation. I do it three times a year and probably save eight hundred dollars. I don't mind killing bugs, it beats having them.

This handy wo man is turning in to work the early shift tomorrow, almost today. I hate waking up early for them but sure love being home with over three hours of daylight left.

I'm really loving life these days. I missed the upper lower middle class. It's nice to be back.

Til Next time.. COTTON

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