Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life...Controlled Chaos

My daughter is going to be a servers assistant where I work starting this weekend. Great job for a college kid. Short hours, pretty nice paycheck and cash in your pocket after every shift. Bonus points she can ride share with momma.

I've been in the industry so long have worked with all three of my kids at one time or another. It may seem weird to another family but my mine has grown up knowing all about the business and the transition is easy for us. TJ worked with me for a couple of months before everyone realized he was even related to me. Work is work to us and a totally separate life. Tim used to work with me when we first met for extra cash on weekends delivering pizza and have just always been able to switch to co worker mode when we punch a clock (as opposed to each other).

Last night work was (as my daughter says)  Totes Cray-Cray!

Delayed late Paris flight and waited on quite a few French talking folks. All I could handily remember amid the chaos was "Bon Jour"   (was almost ten PM) and "Je t'aime"... not real crazy about using that one with a husband while he orders for his wife in broken English.  Single women seem to confuse it with my haircut and think an ole lady with a hick accent is hitting on 'em.

I did a lot of pointing, smiling and gesturing, got off at eleven after going in at one thirty but had my best night ever. The French people were spreading their amar!

Wait a minute, that's Spanish.

I tend to get easily confused when running in my little hamster wheel called "Working in the weeds with peeps who have more money than I do hot flashes, willing to spend it but speak very little English".

I was going to pick up a shift today but got paid at midnight and was one of my better checks. Add in last night's haul and all seemed to equal "Take the day off".

I ran some errands after a late morning nap, came home and took another one. By seven felt as normal as I ever do and turned my attention to all the little things around the house I needed to do.

Massey is still away at school for one more day, Zach is over at his buddy's working on his car and have done everything and nothing around the house. All my sheets are washed, laundry is caught up, bills paid and house semi (almost totally) clean. Doing my nails, watching my latest obsession (The Walking Dead) while folding and putting away laundry. Thinking about unbraiding and shaving the winter hair under my arms, on my legs and looking forward to a late night snack of leftovers.

What a glorious day off!

Tomorrow will be back to the real world but for tonight, It's MY world.

If you'd told me thirty years ago a night like this would be exactly what I wanted and needed,  would have been the one who invented the word "Cray-Cray"!

I think from the above selfie  can all agree I've weathered life pretty well and learned how to always have a good hair day.

I gotta learn to smile more.

Til next time...


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