Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wore Slap Out

This is how I feel....wore slap out. The past week has been a real doozey (excuse me Mr. Spellcheck but that is a word) and glad it's behind me.

Then before you know it the next week starts and once again  sucked into its cycle. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to just be living it.

If I had a normal life wouldn't know how to handle it. Scrambling's my strong point and have perfected it these past few years. Every cloud has a silver lining.

If I watched a video of our last five years would laugh more than cry. That's a pretty good average (looking back) so must be doing something right more than wrong. It's our life and
as Jim Carrey said in Dumb & Dumber jumping on the hotel bed with a suitcase in each hand, "We'll TAKE it!"

The credit union I'm with called today while I was at work and told Zach they were crediting my dispute of fifteen dollars back into my checking account. That will give me a balance of seventeen dollars and payday is tomorrow.

We made it, again!

Granted all the utilities, cable and cell bill came in the mail yesterday and was kind of depressing having just two dollars in my account but tomorrow will all be paid. That my friends is progress any way you look at it.

I've cried and I've laughed as I fought back. I've been sad but happy more often as I continued to fight back.

Since Tim got his great new job with chances of another promotion (after his stint near Bonanza) and me lucky enough to land the dream professional server job here at home, within twelve months should leave all red behind and charge ahead in the black...without having to charge.

Tim will be home for his first visit in early July.

It's harder on Tim than anyone. He's a thousand miles away, knows no one.

Worse than that he doesn't get to see our pups every day.

 Our kids are now old enough we're used to not seeing them every day. It's different with the dogs.

The pups wake up with us, wait patiently for our return and absolutely thrilled each and every time we simply pull into the driveway.

It's unconditional love, given freely without any questions. Everyone should own a dog.

Our life has been pretty intense lately, that's why we own three.

Tim calls me on the phone several times a week, our kids too. He hasn't talked to the dogs once.

I have a page long list of things to do tomorrow and one of them is make a video of the pups to send to Tim. I think it will make his day.

He's doing something not only to make our day but help change all our days for the better. He's a good man who deserves a dog video and shall get one!

The insanity phase of our life seems to have ebbed. Time to let some love flow.

We're fixing the house up a little at a time maintaining as best we can and starting to remember things about each other which aren't  bad.

That in itself  is a huge step. When times are tough it's easy to point the finger and sometimes you have to.

What's more huge to us is sticking around to finish the dance called marriage.

No one forced you to accept the dance or even your partners hand so always remember the reason why you ever wanted to dance with them in the first place.

We'll be the couple on the left before you know it.

Til next time..COTTON

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