Friday, January 17, 2014

Great Day All Around

Well I hit a wrong button and my entire blog got deleted. So much for modern technology. Short version, had a great day, glad I took yesterday off. I got so much crap done it ain't even funny. My garage is still a work in progress but down to ten empty cardboard boxes and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm a hoarder, one of the reasons we were able to beat being audited by the IRS ten years ago. I still had receipts they needed, school records and even mortgage statements dating back to the eighties.

Went into work today after showering and doing the makeup thing (which I never do on my off days) and had an excellent night at work. Every table was a pleasure and waited on several of my regulars (Thanks, Shawn)

I rolled big and was much needed. Around nine the hostess said the guy sitting at a bar table had requested me. Requests are good but peered around the corner and didn't recognize him. I wondered if he was was from the bank I kite with or from our mortgage company, Hells Fargo? He seemed nice looking and pleasant so  sauntered up to the table. He asked if I was Kelly and almost felt like saying, "Who's asking?" I bit the bullet and said I was.

Believe it or not, he was the hall director from the dorm my girl lives in at Georgia State University! He had to come to the south-side of Atlanta to pick something up and my girl had told him to come eat at Mama Lucia's.

My first thought was I was thrilled my girl wasn't embarrassed her momma was a server. My second thought was what a charming person he was! Handsome, easy to talk with and an on the ball guy. Being the bossy woman I am,  picked out his entree. He had Ted's Chicken Picatta. Pounded thin chicken breasts breaded with Italian bread crumbs cooked in extra virgin olive oil in the oven. Put the breasts over linguine, add the lemon butter sauce with capers. Then quarter, lightly dust with flour artichoke hearts and flash fry them. Add them to the dish and it's pretty amazing. He had a Mozzarella Caprese first, my all time fave. We use fresh mozz, vine ripe tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and an amazing balsamic demi glaze with fresh basil, sea salt and cracked pepper.

I think he enjoyed his meal but what absolutely made my night, month and year was how highly he talked about my girl.
This little bit has grown into this young woman.
Then blossomed into this one.
I'm still thinking there was a baby swap but I'm keeping her.

He said Massey had been a pleasure to get to know. He said he felt she was destined to go far and had really found her niche in university life. As he said the words, my heart swelled and I actually teared up.

It may sound stupid but  know what all my kids have seen Tim and I go through these past few years and if she is making these strides, plowing ahead to make her own way and destiny, it certainly makes a momma proud. I did go into the restroom at work and cry. It was, as Oprah A-HA moment.
I have absolutely no doubt this little girl will go far.!
She already has.

Til next time, a proud momma COTTON

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