Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Good Day, No Matter What

I was off today. A good thing since I am still car less. I went to the store before Tim left for work (in Massey's car) and picked up dog food, some ground beef and buns. I got busy around the house. It's amazing what Comet and a sponge can do for a kitchen sink. It started there and spread. I swept the kitchen then cleaned the floor on my hands and knees with Mr. Clean and several cleaning rags. Zach asked why I didn't use the mop? A mop is good but scrubbing is always better. I cleaned out the refrigerator, washed the tupperware and took out three bags of trash.

Massey got a necklace for Christmas, an angel wing pendant which holds ashes from a loved one. My Diddy wanted to be cremated and like the hoarder I am, kept a bit of him for myself after we scattered his ashes in Blue Ridge, where he always wanted to be.

He stayed in my closet on a top shelf for over ten years. When Massey got the necklace this past Christmas  was sure I could locate Diddy. Seems like I did some moving and suddenly couldn't find him.

I'm a hoarder so  knew he was around here somewhere. I looked through boxes in the garage until I was sure he wasn't there. On the up side, I bagged up over five bags of nothing but useless trash and clothes that don't fit. I used to donate to the Kidney Foundation once a month but last month they asked me to donate and  left out two computer modems, a vacuum cleaner, speakers, two space heaters, wall fans, and tons of clothes. They never picked up and  all got soaked by torrential rain the next morning.

I knew going through the rest of my crap in the garage that Grandpa wasn't there. I may be a doofus but knew I would never get rid of him.

I went through the china cabinet in my dining room. I got crap from when the kids were in pre K stuffed in the drawers. Low and behold I found Grandpa in a gallon ziploc baggie. Inside the gallon bag was a smaller bag with ashes and  a card which read "Certified remains." My Diddy was born on September fourth, 1925. He died on September sixteenth, 2002.

Yep, I'm a freak. When we scattered his ashes my sister and brother thought all was done and gone. I've held on to a small part of him for over eleven years. Sometimes you just have to hold on to a small part of history. If you don't, all that's left are memories.

This woman,this beautiful woman married my Diddy.

They had three kids. Probably only wanted two but I came along late in the game and lucky for me they kept me.
I have always been loved unconditionally by my sibs. I know there have been times when even I would have walked away but they never did. Yes they make fun of me and  should. I was the slow learner.

Now that I have three kids too
my heart totally goes out to my parents. At least momma knew how to sew all our clothes, I just knew how to kite a check.

I've made it this far and feel pretty good about it. My kids may be embarrassed by me at times, but with my Diddy's finally found  ashes as witness, I'll make it happen. I'll make it work. Diddy wouldn't have it any other way. I can hear him now..."Good night a livin'...you know what you gotta do. Just DO it."

Til next time...COTTON
My parents left me in excellent hands.

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