Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Getting Used to this

For the past few weeks I've only been working  five days a week. I didn't ask for it, the owner just gave me that schedule and hate to say it but I am LOVING it! Working six or seven helps out financially but my house falls apart and my attitude seriously suffers, just ask anyone who lives here. Not to mention they all eat soup out of a can, bologna sandwiches and frozen pizza when I work day after day after day.
Yep, I'm a waitress. The new politically correct term is server but I've been one so long I still consider myself a waitress. This was a pic of me one year on Halloween when I decided to go dressed as a Waffle House waitress, complete with a blacked out tooth. They cancelled costumes after this. I have total respect for Waffle House servers. They work for a debt free company and although they have to work 365 days have great benefits, insurance, paid vacations and profit sharing...every server should be so lucky.

We're in a cold snap here in the deep south, and that is a huge understatement. I vowed last night when I got home from work I wouldn't leave the house before my next scheduled shift on Friday afternoon.

Zach got up early today and he and his buddy (our new boarder) cleaned the crap out of our disastrous garage while I lay in bed surrounded by pups, a remote control and reruns of Law and Order. Usually when Zach cleans the garage that means he pulls everything out into the driveway and sweeps the garage. Today they hauled everything out and loaded it in the back of Rudy's truck to dispose of. They burned an old love seat in the fire pit out back and all the empty boxes I had cleared out last week as well. (They made a video of the bonfire and glad I didn't witness it) They took all the bagged crap to Rudy's work and put it in their dumpster. They cleaned the cob webs and windows and even moved Zach's Beemer out to the driveway to make room for ole Bertha Benz in the garage so she would be easier to crank.

They inspired me. I knew it was going to be brutally cold tonight so ventured out around three and went to Lowe's. I bought a roll of weather stripping to put on our exterior doors which are so drafty they could put out a burning candle. I wrapped cleaning rags around the water pipes under the kitchen sink on an exposed outside wall and cooked up a huge pot of white chicken chili.

I even went one step further. Last time I made chicken chili I promised my boss's wife I would bring her some but all got gobbled up by the boys in fear of more bologna sandwiches. After I got through cooking tonight,  threw on a scarf, hat and jacket and drove to the restaurant to deliver her a still hot bowl. They were busy so just handed it to her and ran back to my car.  I had just cranked the car back up when she ran out and tapped on my window.

She had done a catering job in Carrollton earlier today and drove by one of our favorite BBQ places. She handed me a sandwich through the car window and said "I brought you a sandwich from Pop's BBQ."

That's the kind of place and people I work for and  why I go out of my way to take her a bowl of Chicken Chili hot off the stove on a freezing night.

Okay, I'm in for the night now and feels great without the wind whipping through the cracks under the doors. My garage is clean, now my kitchen is clean and all that's left is leftovers to eat and more remote control time with pups keeping my feet warm.

It may sound insane  but if every person were as blessed as us, it would be a wonderful world. I pray for others to be as lucky.

Tuck in tight for the night, put on thick PJ's and hope everyone has a warm place to be. If they don't,  it should be a crime in a nation this great.

Til next time...COTTON

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