Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 So Far So Good

Do these new glasses make me look fat?

A lot has happened since I blogged last. The new year started and I limped through it sick as a dog. I finally went to the Doc N the box, got on antibiotics and it's like a whole new ballgame. I'm pretty lucky and usually only get sick about once every year or so. This time I let it go too long and felt like a pile of Ziggy's doo doo.

I'm eight days into my ten day course of antibiotics and feel like a whole new person. Yep I'm still skinny but feel so much better it isn't funny.

My oldest son came home from Australia after a year of living down under. He stopped off in LA and made it back after a few connecting flights.

Here's the thing. Now that the boys are grown, Tim, TJ and Zach all sound the same to me on the phone or even in the house.

Last night Zach left to go over to a buddy's house, Tim was gone so it was just me and the pups. Massey had left to go back to college on Wednesday. I was in our upstairs bedroom with Ziggy, the trouble maker. Ham and Charlie had free run of the house. I was eating chocolate ice cream out of the half gallon carton (finished it all) and watching yet another Law and Order marathon. I heard the front door open. Well, I didn't hear the door open but heard Ham and Charlie acting like a gaggle of cats had just run in and knew someone had come inside. I hollered to Zach to quit making the dogs bark when I heard "Hey it's me, TJ!"

What the hey! I knew he was back in the states but had told us it would be a while before he came to visit.

It was awesome to come out of my ice cream marathon and hug my boy's neck!

I had done laundry earlier and found a twenty in the dryer so I ordered Johnny's Pizza (still my favorite) and we sat and caught up. His bulldog, Charlie was as thrilled as he ever gets but knew who his daddy was and it was a wonderful reunion. TJ looks great, a bit scruffy but is still one handsome kid. I text Zach and told him his brother was home and he showed up as we were eating pizza. Zach made brownies for dessert and it was a night mommas live for.

We all watched a movie, Argo (highly recommend it) and was nice to have both my boys home.

I'm on the mend, TJ's back from down under and all's right with the (my) world.

Tim got home around eleven and once again I was happily surrounded by the testosterone I married and raised, with six dog's nuts thrown in for extra credit. I know Massey was ticked not to be here but she's off doing what she needs to do...making her own way in the world by getting an education.

What an excellent way to start my weekend!

Slept late, still not up to snuff and came downstairs to Zach and TJ together in the living room watching another movie together. Left for an early shift at work. TJ came into the restaurant to eat after dropping Zach off at work and it made me proud to introduce him to all the peeps I work with and told about him for the last year.

Had an excellent night at work and walked out with two Ben's in my pocket.

Came home late but both the boys were  watching some stupid movie (all super hero movies are stupid to a 54 year old woman)  and enjoying each other's company.

Life is good.

I know TJ will leave after the weekend and  may be a while before he comes back to visit. After all, he is my step son although he has been in my life longer than Zach or Massey and never consider him a "Step."

I know his own mom wants to see him too and have settled that battle years ago. TJ is lucky, he has two moms. I'm the one who didn't have to squeeze him out a hole the size of a dime. (Thank you Deann)

I'm lucky, I have three kids and a network of love that reaches far and wide.

The frigid weather has passed, my sickness has passed and  have all chicks back in the hen house albeit one is in downtown Atlanta.

As I read the news and think of people who live on the streets (the low was six degrees the other morning) I realize how lucky we truly are.

My kids used to complain about me keeping the thermostat on 68 in the winter. If you lived in a cardboard box under the bridge of an interstate, sixty eight would feel like the Caribbean.

Welcome to Club Cotton!

We're an all inclusive resort. Love is abundant, money is not. We do our best and Karma always comes our way. We get knocked down but God, family and friends always see us through. We keep on trying and are always rewarded. Sometimes we have to wait for an answer but the answer always comes, sometimes right in the nick of time.

I am one of the lucky ones...I am loved.

The rain is falling outside, thunder every once in a while. It lulls me to sleep and reminds me of Jackson Browne:
Loving the thunder, appreciating the rain and living for the rainbow.

Til next time...Cotton

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