Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally Thawing Out

After the debacle of a snow storm in Atlanta and being closed in the house for three days it finally began to thaw today. Actually it began to thaw yesterday around noon and that's when our kitchen began to flood. It was an inch deep with water in the kitchen and garage before we noticed. Everyone was upstairs except one of the "Lost Boys" living with us temporarily. He came in through the garage and shouted "Whoa, you gotta leak somewhere!"

We had the kitchen faucet dripping just like we were supposed to and a space heater on in the kitchen to try and warm the ground floor room with three exposed walls. I checked under the sink leak. I checked the dishwasher next. Sometimes if you don't push the racks in all the way and try to start it, water leaks onto the floor. Not the dishwasher. I could hear water running from behind the refrigerator. Not a good sign. Tim came downstairs and pulled the fridge away from the wall. We cut the water off under the sink but the sound of running water continued.  By this point we deduced the pipe running to the refrigerator was busted. I couldn't really understand that since we don't have an ice maker. We had one with our last refrigerator though and like the detectives we are deduced once again the pipe had busted that used to go to our old ice maker.

We headed to the street to cut the water off there and thankfully the sound of water running stopped. I told Tim to go get towels since we don't own a squeegee and he came back down with an armload. Before I noticed, he was throwing down all the clean towels from the linen closet. For Pete's sake! I was nice about it though and said "Why don't you get all the ones out of the dirty laundry first."

Tim called his brother who does handy man work and he agreed to come down and take a look. Lucky for us it was $25 part. He put a cut off valve on the ice maker line and told Zach to go to Home Depot and buy some spray on foam insulation then patch the hole with a piece of plywood. Thirty minutes later we had water again..."Huge WHEW!!" Unless we ever want to hook up an ice maker, we're good to go. I'm okay with cracking ice trays and sometimes even bring a big bag of ice home from the restaurant. Ice maker is way down my list of priorities right now...being able to flush a toilet, take a shower, wash clothes or dishes and brush my teeth are pretty much on top of the list.

Work called as we were cleaning up the mess. I was off but they had two servers who couldn't make it in so told them I'd come in. It wasn't overly busy at work but walked out with a hundred bucks in my pocket and headed back home to a house with toilets that flushed.

I feel like we dodged a bullet...we're getting pretty good at that lately, just need to perfect our dodging technique with some financial cushioning. Sometimes I start to worry about it but remind myself that four years ago we were almost six months behind on the mortgage and depending on the charity of family and friends to simply survive.

"Broken pipe in the wall, I spit on your break and laugh in your face!"

Zach got a new job and TJ found one. Things are looking up around here. You have to keep things in perspective and I have mastered the art of always seeing the glass as half full.

It may sound crazy (most of my thoughts do) but having a house full again keeps me upbeat. I have more peeps to boss around, and if I cook for them they do pretty much anything I ask, sometimes with OUT asking. They've cleaned out my garage, cleaned my laundry room floor, caught up the laundry and even scrubbed a bathroom. While I was at work after the busted pipe got fixed, they not only put my kitchen back together but cleaned the crap out of it. That's what I'm talking about!

They washed all the towels used to sop up the mess in the kitchen and even dried them. When I went to shower for work yesterday after the flood I had to dry off with a hand towel.

Went into work today at four. It's Super Bowl weekend and peeps are having parties all weekend, Not overly busy but made almost a Franklin and back home before eleven even with a quick stop by Kroger.

Working Saturday night too then the brunch shift on Sunday. The owner (who has taken a huge hit this week due to the weather) decided to close after lunch on Sunday. Good call. Unless you are a sports bar it will be a ghost town. I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl other than the commercials and halftime but gonna make potato skins, hot wings and nachos for kind of grub! I bet the Lost Boys will enjoy it too.

They are predicting more snow for the Atlanta area next Friday. Gimme a break! I live in the south for a reason and snow ain't it!

Ready for Spring and hoping that freakin' Groundhog gets it right on Sunday!

Til next time...COTTON

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