Saturday, January 11, 2014

When It Rain It Pours

Boy was that a big one last night... Storm, that is. It was storming when I went to bed after two and still pouring at eight this morning. What made it even better is that I had nowhere to go or be before late afternoon.

TJ is here for one more day then he's headed north to his mom's house for a visit. We just got lucky being first since we are so much closer to the airport but it's been nice seeing him and Zach enjoying each other's company.

Had another excellent butt whoopin at work tonight. Went in at three thirty and didn't slow down til after nine o'clock. I'm nervous, two great shifts in a row and another tomorrow. When you are a server, always be prepared for that fall from tipping grace. Sundays are usually good shifts for me so I'm keeping the faith!

Tim's car with the blown head gasket is finally ready to pick up. All they need is $1040.00. Looks like we're back on the payment plan. My sweet Bro N Law went by and paid $250 a couple of weeks ago for us and I sent Tim up there with $200 yesterday. I made enough at work to make another $250 payment on Monday and still have some left to pay the bills most critically due.

This family is a work in progress but as long as "Progress" is made, even with baby steps we WILL progress! I used to worry myself sick over bills but have learned it is wasted effort.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a job which allows me to pretty much control my destiny with a few hiccups when the tipping gods don't smile. Not to brag (but guess I am) I enjoy being a server and the line of work suits me. When we need extra cash (like now) I work extra shifts and step up my service. The economy is tough and even peeps with money like to feel  they get their money's worth. I joke with the ones who want me to, I kow tow to the snobs who want to feel  they are entitled to being waited on hand and foot no matter if  right or wrong.

 Case in point: tonight I was getting my ninety nine pound butt handed to me when they sat me another table of three. I made eye contact with the wife who was already looking at me with a disgusted look. I cleared dishes from the next table and stopped by to greet them. I apologized for having two armloads of dirty dishes but asked if I could bring them back something to drink? My buddy(not) the wife looked at me and said "We're ready to order everything now."

You know, I felt like saying "Okay, do you mind holding these five dishes and letting me set this empty wine bottle on your table so I can reach the pen in my pocket and write down your order on a cocktail napkin?"

If you are impatient, short on time or in a hurry, it's not a good idea to go out to a popular restaurant at eight o'clock on a Saturday night. (Just saying)

But knowing we need Tim's car back and need to pay the power and water bill, I stumbled all over myself and apologized yet again asking if they had time for me to go put the dishes down? She huffed out a sigh and slightly rolled her eyes but had no choice. I went to the back, deposited my dishes, griped to another server and came out smiling. That's the way you play it, kill them with kindness.

It was my only sour table and won them over enough to eek out a barely fifteen percent tip. I got off before ten thirty and home from the grocery store by eleven.

Heading to bed feeling pretty good. Got lots of things to do and have done but know it will happen. It may not happen tomorrow, may not happen the next day...but it WILL happen!

Til next time...COTTON

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