Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Need Some Global Warming

Enough already, Mr. Winter! Sunday afternoon it was nice and almost balmy. Today started chilly, the wind picked up like crazy and now it's dropping to twenty degrees tonight.

It's a good thing I'm off today. Got all my running around done by four and was back in the house with groceries to last us a few days. Cooked a big meal and doing laundry. I don't plan on walking outside until I leave for work tomorrow afternoon.

Oh how I wish!

I've been having great success at work lately and just hope it keeps going. I've had maybe one crappy shift out of the last twelve and that's a pretty good batting average for a server.

Last night started out slow but  hit the goldmine with a party of six. They all grew up in East Point, my hometown and several even knew and went to high school with my husband. Some of them went to East Point Christian Church with me as a kid and had a blast talking about our past.

When they left I told them to be sure to ask for me next time they came in. One of them asked how often I worked and replied I usually did five shows a week. There was another server behind us cleaning her own table and started laughing when she heard me say that.

One of Zach's friends had to move out of his house because one of his room mates did something stupid and like the idiot I am,  let him roost here for a while. I'm living with way too many balls around here. At last count there were twelve, then TJ called today.

 Seems like he needs to move back home for a while but at least was gracious enough to ask first. None of my kids need  ask. This house will always be their home.

Thank goodness Massey is snug in her dorm room, we're filling up quick around here. Zach's friend is only temporary, he's already looking for another place to move.

TJ can stay as long as he needs but won't be too long either, he's already planning to move abroad for another year. Wonder how many balls I can send overseas with him?

So last week I lived in a house with two empty bedrooms. Now we're all full up and then some. Guess I need to put that "No Vacancy" sign out front. (Huge sigh)

It's kind of nice having a full house, especially when none of them have homework or projects due. Been there, done that.

At least they are all grown now and chipping in for the bills. Beats having a house full of kids who need to be driven to school every morning and sometime have projects faked by their mom at the last possible moment. Hopefully I have made my last Diorama.

Made a fabulous dinner tonight and have tons of leftovers. I'm thinking I'll head to the one spare bedroom left before TJ moves back in this weekend and read my book, have a cold one and hope nobody bothers me. Tim will be home in a couple of hours and sure he is looking forward to watching Bonanza or Gunsmoke in our bedroom. You'd think he was looking forward to a new episode. If Braveheart is on, he'll be watching that.  God forbid The Rifleman is on... he'll be in heaven. At least he is easy to please. He always loves whatever I have saved  him for dinner. It could be a bowl of tomato soup or Hamburger Helper but he'll still tell me how great it is. That's one of the many reasons I love him, he's an easy man to please. I guess that goes without saying since he married me!

So life is chugging on around here, always a good thing.

 I read on Facebook today that a woman who had twins in the Afterschool Program I worked for a few years back just died from a short and vicious battle with cancer. She lost her husband to cancer when the twins were in kindergarten and now the twins,  fifteen or sixteen  (both with Cerebral Palsy) have lost not only their dad but their mom too.

 To think sometimes I feel like complaining makes me realize how lucky I am to be around to even worry about  the small things...and my problems ARE small.

Count your blessings, deal with the bad times and hope for better times. Always realize there are so many others worse off who would trade places with you in a New York minute. Hug your kids, even when you feel like strangling them for something stupid they have done. At least I am still here, and that's a huge bonus...for them AND me.

The good thing is my friend, Karen is whole again. She's with her husband again and both pain free. They will be over those boy's shoulders every day. My heart breaks for these two boys but  have a great family network to rely on.

Whenever you feel down, think about others who have it worse....it could have just as easily be you.

Til next time...COTTON

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