Friday, May 31, 2013

What a Whirlwind of a Week

Massey finally graduated this past Saturday along with 585 other classmates. The week leading up  to it was about as relaxing as a root canal.

I worked every day (or night) depending on whether I was serving tables or moving furniture. The morning before her graduation I was cat napping on the sofa before work when Tim let the dogs out back. When he let them back in, Ziggy staggered in like he was drunk. The boy was wobbly and wouldn't even sit. He just stood still (a first) and remained like that for ten minutes with slobber dripping. After about thirty minutes he finally climbed the steps into  the living room and settled in a heap behind the sofa. One hour later his tail was wagging but he was lethargic the rest of the day. We didn't know if he had eaten something poisonous or been bitten but at least he wasn't tearing up  the house. He never even went near the back of the yard where he regularly tries to escape. He didn't even eat any of the potatoes in my potato bin (a daily snack) or take a dump in the house. He was the perfect dog, albeit a puny feeling one.

Zach commented the next  day, "We need to find out what he ate and give it to him once  week." We found a small knot on his neck that looked like a bite and thought maybe he chased something that bit him. Knowing Ziggy, that could be anything from a rabbit to a snake. He survived and the week went on.

I had to work at the restaurant the night before graduation and got off after eleven. Zach took Massey  out for a graduation dinner with Tim and one of Tim's best friends. Massey's aunt Dellen and my brother joined them and they all came to the restaurant to eat in my section. I took everyone's order and took Tim's last. When I asked Tim what he'd like, my ever so funny brother piped in "An uncontested divorce." That got a laugh out of everyone and a thoughtful look on Tim's face.

 I went to the grocery store after work... came home, prepared food and cleaned house til well after three in the morning. I fell out for four hours and left the house for graduation shortly after eight.

The grads rounded the track and filled the seats and my heart was pounding. This was it! My last child was graduating high school. How the years flew by amazes me.

Had everyone over to our house afterwards. We cooked burgers and brats. We had BBQ chicken sandwiches, spinach rolls and sausage rolls with peppers and onions, fresh fruit, pasta salad, hash brown casserole  and my boss's son made Massey a triple chocolate layer cake as a graduation present. Lots of food and lots of laughter and love.

My college room mate came with her hubs and precious daughter. Oh the things we laughed about from our college days! Thank goodness most of it went right over her young daughter's head. Her daughter was an unexpected surprise when my roomie was in her later forties but is a doll.

Massey didn't feel too well, woke up with a fever and cough the day day of graduation but powered through. It all wound down around seven and by eight I had all dishes and the kitchen clean and crashed myself.

No rest  for the weary, I had cleaned out the island in our front yard the day before graduation and the chiggers made a meal of my body. I fell asleep on the sofa scratching myself silly all through  the night. I worked at  the restaurant the next day and came home to resume the scratching position, falling out as soon as I got home from work. Thankfully I had Monday off and took it easy. Massey and I went out for dinner, Tim and Zach were at work.

Tuesday came way too quickly and I was back to selling furniture. We're having a store closing sale and it was insanely busy. I moved over two thousand pounds of furniture and sweated like Mel Gibson at The Apollo Theatre from the time I opened the doors til the time I locked them at close. Wednesday was a little less frantic. Thursday rolled around and the mob was brutal. I had someone who came in at four to help me but before that was busier than I ever expected. I sold a queen mattress and box springs to be picked up the next  day so  decided to move them to the front of the store for pick up. We have a fancy  little rolling cart we load mattresses and box springs on. I tugged the mattress onto  the cart and like the doofus I am decided I would stand inside the cart and drag the mattress onto it. At the time there was only one other guy in the store and he was flat on his back testing out a memory foam mattress.

As I was dragging the queen size mattress onto the cart it shifted and the cart tilted. Two seconds later I hit the concrete floor with  a queen size mattress on top of me with my feet sticking out like the wicked witch from  the Wizard of Oz after the tornado tore up the house. It took me about ten seconds to wriggle out from underneath the mattress and untangle myself  from the cart but did it just in time before my customer got up from trying out the memory foam mattress to say he wanted to buy it.

By this point I was sweating like a fat wrestler and limping like Fetus from Gunsmoke.

The end result was great for me, made tons of sales and a nice commission check. I'm bumbling my way  through this furniture gig but selling like crazy. I screwed up the other night putting in my numbers (I've never used the system excel before) but when the owner called the next  day about my goof  said "We've never fired anyone for selling too much furniture."

I like having two jobs. My serving job I know like the back of my hand, my furniture job is a bit more complicated with the computer programs but know how to sell and  have been pretty successful so far.

I made enough this week that I gave up my restaurant shift tomorrow night and will be okay.

I've been getting to sleep earlier every night and feel better every day.

God truly takes care of His own.

Til next time...COTTON

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Enie Dub said...

Congrats on your daughters graduation and good job on the furniture selling!!