Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Starting to Sink in

It's gonna happen. I'm just having a hard time accepting it. My youngest is graduating from high school in less than a week and I feel lost. How did almost eighteen years go by ?

She fought her way into  this world weighing barely four pounds. Her entire head was smaller than my own hand but after a two week stay in  the hospital she came home and began to blossom.

She had the curliest hair I had ever seen and was quiet as a church mouse. I started to wonder if she would ever come out of her shell when all of the sudden, she began to get more talkative. She still wasn't a loud mouth like her momma but began to blossom even more.

 One thing was for sure, she was a lot cuter as a toddler than I was. She had older nephews who adored her and two brothers who  put up with her.

I already had two sons and loved them tremendously but little boys can give or take being around their momma. I wanted a "BFF" and having a daughter felt like my best shot. I turned out to be right.

She was so girly and fun to be around. I didn't have to share her with anybody until she was about five and new neighbors moved in next  door with a daughter one year younger than Massey. Then the "BFF" status changed.

Massey and Lyss were made  for each other. Massey finally had someone younger than her to boss around and Lyss was just fine with it. They were together all the time, shared  clothes (still do) secrets and summers. They wore a path out between our two houses and forged a bond  which still remains.
So my little BFFL found another BFFL. She made an excellent choice so it didn't bother me all that much.

They were little goof balls but knew how to have fun and I was lucky enough to witness it. Of course they would have falling outs but were always eventually drawn back to each other.

Then before I knew it she grew up and learned  the more BFF's you  have the better and I just felt lucky to be one of them.

She's always been close to her daddy and in his eyes does no wrong. That's okay with me. Being the "Heavy" has always been my job. His job has always been security and provisions. We make a good team.

Then one day she suddenly looked like this and knew I was in serious trouble. How the heck did she grow into a young woman so quickly?

She simply took off without me then dragged me willingly with her. She  got involved in Guard at her high school , learned camaraderie, commitment and dedication and grew some really tough feet. She spent about five seasons with them and just like that, decided it wasn't for her anymore.

She decided she wanted to excel in the classroom, head  to college and make a difference in the world. I was a hundred percent behind her.
Two years later I am amazed at all she has done. She's made National Honor Society and  graduating with honors. She just got accepted to Georgia State University this past week and in less than a week will be walking across a stage and handed a diploma. In a few short months she will be walking onto another stage of life and certain she will blossom even more.

My little girl is now a young woman and  the pride I feel is enormous.

 My  two sons are doing great after several jump starts. The boys will be just fine once they finally meet the woman of their dreams who will shove them down the path of life.
I'm not the best mom, far from it but at least they are all three alive and still kicking. They all love me and all make me proud. A mom can't ask for much more.

I just can't seem to fathom how my oldest is edging towards thirty and in less than two months my middle son will be twenty one? Massey is leaving for college in a matter of weeks and I'll be here alone with my husband.

These three little goof balls were all kids last time I checked. Now they are three young adults  making their way without needing me  every single  day.

Wow...not too sure what to think about that. I know it makes me feel old but I've been feeling old for a few years now. Guess God was just preparing me for this week.

Thank The Lord I still have three dogs who need me.
It's a bittersweet week for me but considering the past four years,  feels like quite an accomplishment.

I've had lots of help and prayers. I've had bad breaks but I've had good breaks. I've had a support system which is incredible...and believe it or not have been able to laugh all along the way. Some days have been downers, but if you don't have bad days, it doesn't make the good days stand out. I'm all about making a good day stand out!

Til next  time...COTTON

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