Thursday, May 2, 2013

Today Was Friday, Tomorrow is Monday

Week two of the new job behind me. I like the the job except for  the fact the computer part scares me to death. So  far I haven't crashed any of the system so guess I'm doing okay. It's kinda embarrassing having to call guys at  corporate who are my oldest son's age to ask for help but they have taught me a lot and I feel more secure every day. I've learned to swallow my pride so much the past few years I consider it my biggest caloric intake. No wonder I weigh 100 pounds.

Yesterday was really slow but today wasn't so bad. A friend came by  and bought a mattress and box springs set from me. We wrapped it up and tied it to the roof of his truck. It was a little hairy when we had to  lift the queen size mattress on top of his vehicle  but thank goodness I am scrawng. (scrawny but strong)

I work by myself three days a week and for the most part feel comfortable and safe. When I don't feel comfortable I just lie to reassure my safety.

My very first day alone my very first customer walked in and looked like an axe murderer. Have you ever seen  the old movie "The Burbs" with Tom Hanks? Remember  the Klopecks?
Well this looks like the guy that walked into  the store. His first question after wandering around   was "Are you  alone?"

I answered "Yes, it's just me and the  stock guy". I started to add Mongo is in the back bench pressing sofas." Remember Blazing Saddles?
It was my first  day and was already nervous.

Every day I have gained more confidence and after my first scare have felt totally at ease. I'm keeping Mongo the stock guy comment for future reference.

It's crazy, the people who walk in and  think are just passing  time sometimes are your best  buyers. It was right before closing tonight and a woman walked in, asked me where the twin mattresses were and in five minutes picked one out and we were tying it onto the roof of her car ten minutes later. Thank goodness Massey always  comes up to hang out with me the last hour.

We hoisted it atop her vehicle and  used  at least fifty feet of twine to tie it down.

I'm not making more money than I was just being a server but I'm not making less and my stress level has decreased tremendously. Once I get the hang of this truly think I can make some serious money.

I'll always have Mongo in the back stock  room!

Massey has twenty  something days til graduation.
I have college tuition knocking at my front door and old age sneaking in  the back door. I'll make it happen, somehow...someway.

No one said life would be easy and so far they are right. I feel better having two part time jobs instead of one relentless one. I can catch my breath and the mix is nice.

Tomorrow I go back to serving, which I can do on auto pilot.

Seems crazy I am over  fifty and starting a new job. I must truly be a "Golden Girl."

Thank YOU for being a friend!

Til next time...COTTON

PS  Read the "A Game of Thrones" Excellent read!

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