Friday, May 17, 2013

And I Thought We Lived in a Nut House

So I'm getting ready for work yesterday morning. I'm sitting at my makeup table which faces the hall upstairs and something catches my eye. The kids bathroom is right outside my bedroom door to the left and there perched on top of the bathroom door was a little bird who flitted away as soon as I got up. I immediately got up, closed the bathroom door and went to wake Zach up. I told Zach there was a bird in his bathroom. From his bed he sleepily said "Let Ziggy  get it."

Ziggy chases birds all day long in  our back yard. He also chases squirrels, rabbits and frogs but birds are his favorite prey. I thought  about it for about two seconds and could just imagine what would happen if I let Ziggy into  the bathroom. He would go berserk, the bird would go berserk and the bathroom would be destroyed in under ten seconds. The shower curtain would be torn down, the shades torn off the window and I'd eventually have feathers and bird guts all over the bathroom.

I vetoed that idea and went back  to Zach's room. I told him he needed to get the bird  because it would crap all over the place. Zach's reply was "Lucky for us it picked the bathroom." I was still wondering how the heck a bird got into  the bathroom on the third floor of our house but more concerned about getting it OUT of the house first.

I'm not a big fan of birds to begin with. Blame  the Hitchcock movie. I like looking at  them in the trees but not really a fan of them fluttering around inside my house. They tend to  freak out and lose their bowels.

I put on my big girl pants, game face, went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. The little sh*t (huge pun) flew behind the shower curtain, darted  to  the sink and zoomed past my head on its way  back to the door. It hit the closed door and darted to the window and swerved back to the shower. I opened the window,  hurriedly took the screen off, flung it on the floor and made a quick exit  slamming  the door shut with thoughts of  Tippy Hedron in the back of my mind.

I went downstairs to get some orange juice and the kitchen door to our garage stood wide open, leading to the garage with one garage door open as well. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the little bird got inside. How it got past  three dogs still amazes me.

I went back upstairs and cautiously opened the bathroom door. No bird! Just some bird poop on the roll of toilet paper. At least it knew what toilet paper was for!

The screws had come loose on  the door knob leading from  the kitchen to the garage and wasn't closing tight, giving our unwelcome visitor, robbers, rapists and mass murderers  free  access to our house.

Guess we got lucky it was just a bird.

Working all weekend, furniture store tomorrow day  and restaurant tomorrow  night. Sunday is Massey's Baccalaureate and working at  the restaurant Sunday night. Finally getting somewhat ahead so all the work I can get is  a blessing. I've been getting a lot more rest having this dual employment and feel  pretty  good.

Massey graduates this coming  Saturday and it blows me away to think my youngest is fixing to  fly  the nest. At least she seems to have better direction than the spawn that invaded my bathroom .

Our house is falling apart, needs lots of work and repairs  but at least we were able to keep it. In four short years it will be paid off and  then can take out a home equity loan, fix it up and sell it for a pretty  nice profit.

Four years ago we were in such a bad state that wondered if we could hang on to it at all.

Thanks to God, family, friends and even strangers we have made it to the promised land. We hung on for forty eight months and in forty eight more months will come full circle.

It's hard being a grown up.

Sometimes I feel like complaining but ultimately always feel ashamed. There are so many millions and millions who are so almost ridiculously less fortunate  than us that I tend to just  feel blessed and keep on keeping on.

"A bird in the hand is worth two in  the bush."

 It's better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing..

Til next time...COTTON

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