Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Never Give Up

Like I haven't had enough snags in life we were handed a pretty  big one over a month ago. My daughter who  graduates high school this year decided she wanted to attend Georgia State University where her oldest brother went. It's a great school and slap dab in the center of downtown Atlanta, a busy and fabulous city with so many wonderful places to explore and get to know. It's also a great place to study  AND network.

She came  home one day last year and told me her SAT scores. I was thrilled, she almost got a perfect score! Then she informed  this old woman  the scale has changed since 1977 when I took it and 1400 was a perfect score. Seems its gone WAY up when I wasn't looking. She was devastated.


She's a smart girl,  a member of the National Honor Society but froze on the test. I'm the same way, I'm not a good test taker but told her that was only one factor. She has been involved in many school and civic activities. She has worked  with  the Special Olympics  and helped out in Senior Centers.

She applied to GSU and was later notified she had been wait listed. She was beyond upset. Like a good momma I didn't blog or FB about it but told her we needed to apply to some local community colleges just in case.

I never came up the money  to apply to the local colleges.  Heck, we had a hard time coming up with the GSU application money. Seems to me if you are applying to a university or college  you will be paying  tens of thousands of dollars to over  four years, they ought to cut you some slack on the paper work. I think my Diddy paid ten or fifteen dollars for me to apply at Georgia Southern College in 1977.

I had no other choice but  tell Massey not to worry. If she didn't get in GSU we would find another way  to get her in a college and the most important thing was to GO to college regardless of which one. That didn't set well with her but that's all I had to go with.

She's moped about it and know she has been depressed but my broke ass hands were tied. I prayed for a solution. I started thinking what bills I could put off to send off another application.

Got the answer to my prayers today.

I was at  the furniture store late this afternoon when I looked up  to see Massey bouncing in. I wondered what was wrong since I had spoken with her less  than an hour ago, still sounding depressed.

She got an email from Georgia State University today...She's accepted!

She is beyond thrilled  and so I am. Now begins the search  for every grant and scholarship we can find. I look at it this way, we've gotten this far by  not  giving up...nothing can stop us now.

My girl is going to the university of her choice come hell or high water!

When you have and love kids who deserve something you  simply MAKE it happen and I will do just that .

Just watch me!

Til next  time....COTTON

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