Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One Crazy Day (again)

Went into work feeling a little more confident this morning. I still don't have my new/used car so Zach has to take me to the furniture store every  Tues, Wed and Thurs. He's not real happy about it but at least he HAS a car.

Started out busy,  had a queen size bed, mattress and box spring going out for delivery and since I don't have a stock guy had to  move the mattress and box springs up  to the delivery area myself. Took me two trips and one rest stop but I did it. The bed the customer bought was one off the showroom floor and didn't even attempt to take it apart but thought I would be nice and take the mattress and box springs off so the delivery guy could disassemble it more easily. Took me forever and when it was done realized it was the wrong bed. Then I  had to lug  the box and mattress back onto  the WRONG bed and repeat  the process  on the RIGHT bed. Yes I am a dummy.

Then the delivery guy was almost two hours late and the customer called to reschedule for  tomorrow because she had to go to work. She was fine with  it, I was not. I was soaked with sweat and it wasn't even a hot flash.

At least I had the right bed ready for delivery and the mattress and box springs ready by  the delivery area.

All I heard for three more hours were crickets but it was a much needed rest. I can't remember my last day off and down time at  the store gives me plenty of time to try out a comfy recliner and read my book.

My  fellow employee Snookie, calls me "Last minute Lucy."  Most all of my big sales come in the last hour we are open.

It was no different tonight. I had a guy wanting to buy a sofa and loveseat a hour before closing and had another family wanting to pick up part of their order. I'm not real savvy on a partial pick up, especially when it's not my sale and they went through financing with another sales person. I've  only recently learned how to clock in without a glitch much less process a financed order.

No wonder I weigh  ninety five pounds, between hot flashes and stress about this new computer system it's a wonder I am even on the pay roll.

I finally got in touch  with  the salesperson who sold the family and just told me to let them pick  up what they wanted, sign for it and he would process the paperwork later.


I still had a guy sitting at the check out desk wanting over a grand's worth of furniture. Then he wanted to finance it.  I've never done that, I've watched it being done and it didn't look like brain surgery so I gave it a shot. I "can" read so read to him what the application required and hoped he would say "Let's just do  this tomorrow."

No go. The man wanted to buy it tonight and pick it up tomorrow.

Crap, now I  gotta act like I know what I am doing! I looked through all my notes and somehow fumbled my way through the process. He just has to bring back one more document tomorrow and I'll be able to make the sale.

Tomorrow I'll go in early and teach myself how to process his papers and have another notch on my belt.

Still without a ride, Massey  came to pick me up from work and we screamed home in time for me to finish weed eating the front of the subdivision in the pale moon light so I can get paid. I need the money to  pay for the trip to Destin for  a wedding this weekend.

Massey came up  to the front of the subdivision to take pictures of me weed eating in the dark but  thankfully it was too dark.

It's a whole different gig selling furniture but  have a BFF at the corporate office who totally has my back.

Yes I've made mistakes but yet have made some sales. I truly think that I can be good at  this job.

I'm kinda digging this new job. I have down time when I can relax, something I've been needing for almost four years and seem  to be pretty  good with my people skills and closing a deal.

I guess we'll see tomorrow when I have to close the deal with my new buddy  from tonight.

I'm an old dog, I'm learning new tricks but willing to take the chance.

Before you know it, I'll actually KNOW what I'm doing!

I don't give up easy and don't give up without a fight.

One more day and I get two days off. Heading to the beach for a wedding with my sister and Massey.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Two days with my sister and Massey surrounded by good friends is just what this skinny girl needs.

Til next  time...COTTON

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