Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weary But Feeling Cheery

So was an opener today at work. I had to be there at two, we open at three. Pretty slow start. It was like watching paint day for three hours. I ran the report for my checkout around nine thirty, we close at ten.

Here's the thing.

I'm old school.

I can't just stand around when it's slow and do nothing. If I'm clocked in, means they are paying me to do something. I folded napkins, rolled silver, stocked up every item we'd need if  a Greyhound bus dropped fifty peeps off at the front door and cleaned everything I could find to be cleaned.

We got a little pop around eight but by that time was ready to take my toys and go home.

I'm a go getter but for Pete's sake, I'm old too.

I was  more than pleasantly surprised after running my checkout to see I'd made over $180.00. (the easy way)

I was simply having a senior moment.

I was tired. I'd been there a long time (by senior standards) and spent much of the shift doing everything I could think of to do.

The last thirty minutes seemed to last three hours but was actually only fifteen minutes.

Am I making the same money I did at the airport?

Hell to the No.

Is my new job easier to navigate to and from, less hours, stress free with no twelve dollar a day parking and one minute from clocking in when I leave my car in a free parking space?


I paid over three grand a year for parking, for almost two years at the airport in Atlanta.

Do I need to make that Phat money now for us to survive?


Would I like to?


"You can't always get what you want...but if you try sometime,  you get what you need."

I'm getting what I need.

I have a great new job with possibilities of even more.

When Slight White visited this past week, said something I need (and will) remember.

Totally paraphrasing...

"You'll never have a job like the one you did at the airport in Atlanta. Lucky for you, don't need it anymore. Embrace your new life and be grateful you made it to the dance."

I'm here. We're here.

We made it.

I left some family and lots of friends behind.

You have to believe...and I choose to  believe.

Anything less would be quitting.

My Momma didn't raise a quitter.

Til next time...Cotton

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