Thursday, December 29, 2016

Be Gone 2016

The year had a few high points for us but sure is ending on bitter ones. We've lost lives and legends, more than any other one year I can remember.

The recent election was one of the ugliest on both sides and find it hard to believe was conducted by grown adults.

After over fifty six years am living in a new state for the very first time. Not gonna's a lonely feeling lots of days.

My pups used to have this back yard to explore...and this pic only shows one half.

Here's the other half.

Now they pace around in this box.

We went from living in this.

To renting this. And the front yard is bigger than the back.

I went from making an almost six figure salary to maybe forty grand if I'm lucky. I lost all my benefits and insurance for myself and two of my kids.

These are tough nuts to swallow, especially when you're away from most everything and everybody you've known for well over half a century.

Let's sum up 2016 this way.

Okay,  now the flip side of my coin.

So lately feel like I've been handed some lemons. What's a girl to do?

My New Year's resolution is to shake it off and move on.

I try and constantly remind myself am so much luckier than billions.

Do I miss my house and friends of twenty years?


Will I survive this huge life change?

You can bet your last dollar on it.

Life changes are hard when you're fifty six and way over half way done.

The thing to remember is that at least you're still around to moan and groan about it.

Somedays I have to make myself get up and get going but at least I do.

It's okay to feel down every now and then.

If you're never depressed how would you know when you feel really great?

I strive to feel really great in 2017...

And will.

Til next time...COTTON

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