Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy 'Hot'lidays !!

It's December 14th, ten days before Christmas Eve and my flower garden in the front yard is blooming like crazy with new buds opening every single day. I have to wear a long sleeved shirt with gray slacks to work and start sweating the moment I step outside to leave for work. I rode home tonight just before ten with the car A/C on.

In what kind of parallel universe am I living?

 I hear "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" playing while at work as customers sit out front by the glass fire pit enjoying cocktails and a light cool breeze.

It's madness I tell you!!!

The only thing I decorated was a plant in the living room which cost around five bucks, until I saw a strand of colored mini lights on sale for $5.46.

They cover all four sides around  the top of our screened in back porch and's our new favorite place to hang out. I get home sometimes as late as midnight and is still in the seventies. My dogs seem ecstatic.


I just still can't seem to get into the whole Holiday spirit thing while sweating but have simply decided to take the good with the bad.

Everybody here in Orlando seems perfectly fine with having Christmas during summer so who am I to judge?

I worked a banquet tonight at work. It was out front by the fire pit (which made me sweat). It was a meet and greet for local business'. Bonus points got to work it with a couple of my favorite servers.

Light hor d'oeuvres, beer, wine, fried goat cheese and chicken satay with peanut sauce. It was easy work and much to my delight included a free photo booth for peeps to take pictures. They even had a table of hats and masks to wear.

As the party wound down, the photo booth was unoccupied so got my two fellow servers to join me to take a couple of pictures.

I love, love the top left picture! We were trying to hurry before anyone noticed us and one of us pressed the start button. Emily (on the right) said "Hurry, it's starting right now!" and BAM, caught Maria (on the left) off guard. She looked like a deer in headlights.

We didn't make a whole bunch of money but had a relaxed night, tons of laughs and left with more money than we came in with.

This was Massey and me last year while working at the airport around this same time. It was colder than cold and as always an ordeal simply to get to the job.

The money was fantabulous and will always be grateful for the opportunity and people I met.

Things and situations have changed and I must too.

I'm back to making street side money, which is an adjustment but making enough to pay the bills and get by.

I'm working for a management team which seems to appreciate my work ethic and dedication to the job. That's a huge bonus when you're a Plate Slinger.

I'm making friends and finally learning my way around town.

I wear flip flops every day and still haven't turned the heater on in our house.

Massey reminded me the other day, when lamenting about not making airport money anymore.

"You always told us money was over rated."

Granted I did tell them that when we were flat broke about six years ago, but she's right...and so was I.

Here's one thing I really always need to remember.

We'll be just fine in this new life with all my universal conspirators helping.

I look at it this way...

We could be living in Aleppo.

 Always be prepared for worse but pray for better.

I know I've said it a million times but am truly, truly an extremely lucky (tiny slip of a) woman.

What I lack in poundage hopefully more than make up with character, determination and confidence that "Pay It Forward" is the solution to all problems.

It starts with you.

Never forget that.

 And if you've never seen this movie, you need to watch it today.

I'm off tomorrow and you know what? I'm gonna enjoy a day with my daughter and maybe even drive the forty minutes to the beach or just drive the ten to my brother's house and relax on the lake.


Til next time...COTTON

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