Monday, December 12, 2016

Nineteen Days

Insane as it sounds, this year will be over and done with in nineteen days. I haven't bought the first present and probably won't until crunch time aka December 23. It'll be a slim Christmas for us but is the least of my worries. For the past two years while rolling Phat at the airport spoiled everyone as much as I could. This year they'll just have to remember the two past. They'll be fine with that, I have good peeps for family.

The past few months have been a very hard transition for me. I looked very much forward to moving to Florida but thought would have a job waiting for me with all benefits and seniority still in tact.

That was the first blow.

After three weeks of deep depression and total loss of confidence I battled back with help from my family here and family back in Georgia.

I have a great job with even greater management which will only get better as the surrounding area builds up and continues to grow. The owner of our restaurant has a net worth of 5.3 billion so think he's a pretty smart dude and knows what he's doing.

I think my biggest complaint about moving is the water. When I was a kid Florida water was even worse. We'd go on vacation and even in the 1970's would buy bottled water to drink. They didn't have single water bottles back then but my momma would buy it in jugs.

My hair, my forte', my trademark style does terrible with this water. My hair seems to have an erectile dysfunction. I hate the way it smells in the shower while bathing and actually can't believe my three dogs lap it up like it's actually okay... because it ain't. 

I know this sounds crazy but has also ruined my sniffer. I can smell it in my nose twenty four seven now. You can't soap up in the shower, trust me I've tried. I don't even think it's real water!

After buying about ten cases of bottled water the first month finally got smart and bought a Brita water filter pitcher and trust me... nobody let's it run dry.

The water comes out all fizzy out of the spigot with bubbles and just seems to be mixed with something if you ask me.

When I went back to Georgia with my brother for Thanksgiving, felt like filling up a fifty gallon tank of water and hauling it back just to brush my teeth with.

Here's my question?

Orlando can manage to build a Magic Kingdom but can't figure out how to make water not stink?

That just sounds silly and lazy to me.

Sounds like Disney and Brita water filters are in collusion.

So guess if my biggest gripe is stinky water, I'll be okay. I'll just have to change my hair style.

Here's the real deal.

I met a handsome man in 1988, recently divorced who had a two year old kid. He wanted to marry me after one month of dating. I held out two years but he turned out to be an excellent provider and for over twenty years we sailed along and up, had two more kids and lived the American dream.

It went down hill quick during the recession and took us over ten years to battle back. Tim lost his Mojo and devastated him. 

He finally got a break and after living apart from all of us for almost two years has done amazingly well.

I lived my dream, working at the airport raking in money like leaves while he moved up (and away).

It's his turn now.

If stinky water is the worst to put up with, I'll put up with it.

When you marry, you commit. 

We cut that cake together, raised three kids together and will grow old together.

It's Tim's time and has earned it.

So if stinky water and bad hair is the worst to happen, who am I to complain?

Life is a journey.

My life is deep and wide.

Til next time...COTTON

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