Thursday, December 1, 2016


Here's the thing.

When you move from your home state of fifty six years to another and start all over again, is kind of a lonely feeling even though was the right thing to do and in the long run will be awesome.

Tim works a lot and travels out of town every other week. If I didn't have Massey down here with me would have lost my mind by now.

Instead am making her lose hers!

Lucky for me is doing her senior year online and spends the rest of her time helping an old woman survive.

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful daughter I have.

 She was uprooted and moved away from every person she'd known from nursery to elementary to high school, college and even her church.

She hasn't complained once.

Of course I leave her with little free time to complain.

I need help with everything from navigating the highways to navigating the employee app the restaurant uses. Sun Pass...need help there too.

Got a new bank card in the mail with a chip... needed help there. Who knew they also changed the three digit security code on the back when the card number on the front remained the same?

Obviously not me... and prevented me from being able to pay my bills online. It took her to figure out why I couldn't.

I know she goes into her room, closes the door and rolls her eyes wondering how I made it to almost fifty seven without a grown daughter the entire time.

So of course everyone insisted they would come visit, sooner than later.

I guess they intend on later when selfish me needs it sooner.

So got a text the other day from my former manager who was more of a best friend, asking if he could come visit on December eighth?


He does love me!!

This sounds awful to say, but is also a week when Tim will be out of town working. Massey and I will have him all to ourselves! Massey felt really close to him when she worked at the airport with me and they became more friends than boss and employee.

I'm not real cash rich right now but wanted to take him to my new place of work.

Lucky for me just won a contest at work getting the most email sign ups and my prize was a fifty dollar gift card to use at the restaurant. Bonus points get fifty percent off when dining there so basically have a hundred bucks to treat him and Massey to dinner!

I can't say enough awesome things about this man, my former boss and now forever friend. After working with him for well over two years figured out why I love him so much.

He's a person you aspire to be like.

He's accepting, hard working and always tries to remain positive...even in controlled chaos.

Plus he taught me the word "ShitShow." Best word ever when you work in the restaurant industry and trust me, we often worked side by side in one.

I managed to pick up a shift tonight at five on my day off thanks to the app they have which Massey helped me figure out. A hundred twenty two extra bucks after waiting on five tables and back home before ten.

I called my brother last night and told him my friend was coming Thursday to spend the night. My brother said he'd take off early on Friday and could all come to his lake house for steaks on the grill and a nice ride on the boat. He has a twenty five foot cruiser.

Oh what joy. I have a friend coming!

Massey's bestie came last weekend for a three day visit and she had so much fun. I think they both did.

It's hard when you move away from the one's you love.

It's awesome when love follows you for a visit.

I've been terrible about it lately but promise to take and post pics.

Still seems weird hearing Christmas music when it's eighty nine degrees outside but must say I love the heat and sunshine.

So guess another one of Massey's besties is visiting us and couldn't be happier about it. For me and her.

Guess it's a good thing I have Massey...and a good thing she has me!

Til next time...COTTON

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