Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Beginning To Feel Normal Again

I'm beginning to feel normal again...well as normal as I ever do. I still miss my sister and I still miss my old job and all the wonderful people I met there but starting to settle in. Massey and I were sitting on our back porch today and commented that we really had our tiny temp house looking pretty good.

She agreed. It's starting to feel like home.

I can't believe how well Ziggy has taken to having all the egrets, flamingos and pelicans living right over our back fence and less than fifty feet away. He hasn't tried jumping the fence once. Charlie couldn't muster the energy to lean on the fence much less jump it and Ham can't see the fence or the birds so we're okay there too. We'd be in a lot of trouble otherwise. Our house backs up to an intersection which is never not busy.

There's some random woman who pulls onto the shoulder a couple of times a week in the most terrible spot to pull off and sits on the hill feeding the birds bread. The birds go crazy and get louder and louder while Ziggy gets more and more interested.

Number one it's an awful interesection to pull over to feed birds who can fly anywhere they want for food and number two know she can see it drives my dogs crazy.

I was at work today when Massey sent me this picture with the caption "Look who just got a ticket...LOL"

...and I laughed and laughed.

I also had a pretty great shift at work. I love working week nights. People who have money to spare eat out during the week. True fact.

I was very surprised around seven thirty when my general manager said "You're going to wait on the Tavistock (our parent company) executives. Just go do what you do best."

The only better compliment I could have gotten was "I thought you were in your thirties" but took the one given and went with it.

I had one of my best nights ever.

It wasn't Ecco money but was pretty good money and  the satisfication that I am doing a good job.

My discipline is far from iron unless I'm clocked in and working.

I know it.

My kids know it and my husband knows it.

I have hunger, energy and desire with honesty when someone is paying me to do a job. My greatest forte' is being an employee. You tell me once how you want it done, and it's done that way...every single time.

I'd say being a good mom comes next and bless Tim's heart, let's me put him third. But he's a big boy now and spoiled him rotten before we had kids of our own.

Do I miss Christmas back at our house in Georgia?


Can I be happy here?

Eventually...and  most definitely.

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime...you get what you need."

I hope every person is lucky as me.

Some will be, some won't.

To the ones who aren't, I'm pretty easy to reach. I  put my entire life out here, including address, email and cell number.

If I can help you never hesitate to contact me.

Life is all about "Paying it Forward."

I'll end this blog with the only song I've ever liked by Mariah Carey.

Hug a friend. Make a new friend. Call an old friend.

That's the real reason for the Season.

Til next time, COTTON

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