Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Season Of Love

I think I'm finally beginning to be in a good place. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

It took a minute, or maybe three months but am all about "Baby Steps."

I was off today so decided to take Massey out for a late lunch. We stopped by Chroma to pick up my tip from the banquet I worked last night. She got to meet my general manager, my favorite bartender and our executive chef who she followed on Food Network when was a finalist on "Chopped". She got to tour the kitchen, the most awesome restaurant kitchen I've ever worked in and meet all the back of house peeps.

Here's the thing about working for a great restauant. The back of the house is totally what makes  the front of the house.

We decided to eat at the sister restaurant, Canvas a mile down the road also owned by Tavistock.

We shared a wonderful salad with shrimp, goat cheese, avocado, mango, pumpkin seeds and split a  fried green tomato BLT.

The area where both restaurants are located is hands down the up and coming 'place to be' in Orlando and feel fortunate to be on the team, on the ground floor.

It's going to take at least five years for completion but am fine with that too.

By that time I'll be the Go To server and head Biotch!

When we left Chroma after picking up my money, Massey commented "They already love you, I can tell."

I hope she's right.

I think (hope) she is.

I don't like changing jobs. Never have. I was forced to change after moving here when HMS denied my transfer. I almost think the denial was a blessing except for the fact I lost all benefits and had to spend all my savings to survive until I landed at Chroma.

I landed here and here I will stay.

I ain't getting any younger and want to be happy getting any older.

I think I've finally found just that.

Live, love, forgive and be real.

You get out of life what you invest into it.

I'm a fifty six year old invested person.

I expect a return.

I may be wrong but I may be right.

It's a fifty fifty shot but the odds look pretty good.

Til next time with fingers crossed and hoping to be a champion ...COTTON

I'm gonna be a champion, trust me.

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