Friday, May 2, 2014

Just Another Day

I went out to run errands today before work. Traffic was a nightmare, guess because it was around lunchtime.

Unfortunately the first place I had to go was the evil cable company. Number one on my "Detest List" is Wells Fargo who refuses to modify our loan because we're four years from payoff. Number two is Verizon...another greedy corporate giant.  Number three is the cable company. A friend of Tim's got us a great deal on cable when he worked for them and we have everything bundled, landline, internet and cable. Cable I could do without especially since my younger son bought us Netflix but as sad a statement as it may sound, I have to have internet and land line. Internet is a must in these times and the land line is a failsafe for if our cell phones get cut off for late payment. It's only happened a couple of times but cell phones fall way below mortgage, insurance and utilities on my "Must Have" list.

Our cable company just went totally digital which means the fat back TV's in Massey and TJ's rooms now need a converter box. Generous to a fault (not) they offered free converter boxes for twelve months so I dropped by to get two. The place is tiny and usually only has two or three cars in the parking lot. Today the lot was full and had to park on the side pulling off onto the grass/mud mix.

I went inside and saw twenty five disgruntled faces stare at me as I walked in to get in line behind them. If they were giving away free cable I may have stayed but they weren't so I turned and walked back out the door as three more people walked in. I'll go by Monday early and try to be the first disgruntled face in the door.

I went back to the car and headed to the bank. I had a little over two hundred in my checking account and my check from cutting the front of the subdivision to cash. With what I made last night at work, cashing my check and cleaning my account and leaving just ten bucks in, I had $360 to give Tim to help pay the mortgage, also a week late. I was stopped at a light when my cell rang. It was Verizon.

I pulled into the next parking lot to answer. I did this because I know the drill with Verizon. It's an automated call and after going through the menu, gives you an option of "Press two if you have or are mailing a payment in the next seven days." That's my all time favorite option! It buys me seven days to scramble together a payment and bonus...the phones don't get cut off.

Seems like they're onto my trick, an actual person was calling. He said our payment was late. I responded, from my parking space that I just paid $150 last week leaving a balance of just $120 and couldn't they just be happy with THAT for a few days? Obviously I was paying so late last week that now was into next month's due.  Never one to mince words I told the dude my husband was looking for a job, we had one kid in college and two more living at home. I said "Here's the deal. You can wait until Monday and I'll make a payment or you can cross us off your list, drop us and we'll use walkie talkies or just yell real loud." The guy said that would be fine I could just post date The payment for Monday.

Yeah, right!

I told him when I had the money I would go to the Verizon store across the street from where I work and post it. Geez, is Verizon THAT hard up for money? I almost asked if the Verizon Giants were related to the Cottons because they sure seem about as desperate for money. He seemed satisfied with another payment Monday so would , as they always say "Update my records to show a payment due on Monday."

Ya Da Ya Da Ya Da...

I mean I KNOW we're late on payments every month but my reasoning is that they GET a payment every month, with a late charge bonus for their own fat selves and I'm talking Mortgage, insurance, cable, cell phones and utilities.

 Crap , since we've been broke we've paid so many late charges they should be sending us a "Thank You" note!

I got back home just in time to hang over the bathtub, wash my face and hair and throw on some work clothes. While I got ready, Tim went and deposited what I gave him and dropped off a check at "Hells Fargo" for the mortgage.

I kinda got irritated on the way to work and said "I'm tired of being broke and I'm tired of working six days a week."

It stopped my pity party in its tracks when he said "What, do you think I LIKE it?"

Sometimes you just have to vent, I did and so did Tim.

Then he drops me off and I go into work. Most all the servers I work with are around my own kids age. In other words, I work circles around them.

I don't want a gold star for it but for Pete's sake, can you NOT see a fifty four year old woman doing more work than five of you put together? My saving grace is a select few ARE hard workers, team players and keep me from going Postal. The other ones better hope they are off the day I snap.

I went in at three thirty, should have been the third person out of eight to leave but clocked out as the last two closing servers left.

Go figure!

Back to reality...

The mortgage albeit late, is paid. The gas isn't due to be cut off til Monday, neither are the cell phones. Freakin' cable is due but am working all weekend and know that we'll make it. Heck, we've made it this far..."Ain't no stopping us now."

Sometimes life gets you down, it's had us down for about four years now but have managed to survive.

Til next time...COTTON

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