Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dazed and Confused (What else is new?)

Didn't have to be at the new restaurant for training until three but had to go in at eleven to meet a woman from HR to take an alcohol awareness test. I was to meet her in the atrium on the domestic side and fortunately knew exactly where it was since it's where I interviewed. I even got there twenty minutes early and had time to sit and semi relax. She met me and we took so many back room twists and turns I couldn't tell you if we were still even in the airport. She used her keys to unlock and lead me through several doors but finally wound up in a tiny room with several computers in it.

She loaded up the program for the test, gave me the password to re enter the test in case I somehow got kicked off (it's like she already knows me) and left me alone. I started the test shortly after eleven and didn't finish until after two thirty and that was with me zipping right through.

Around hour two my old woman bladder was screaming and  went in search of a bathroom. I opened the door to the room and there were four doors to choose from. I opened the first door and found myself in the kitchen of some restaurant. The Asian guy doing prep looked at me like "Where you come from?" Lucky for me a server came walking around the corner and asked if there was a restroom I could use? She directed me through another series of doors and I found the ladies room. Getting back wasn't quite as easy (the server was long gone) but finally made it back to my little computer room. When hour three began to approach my bony butt was killing me and my cell rang. It was the HR woman asking if I was okay?  I told her yes but it was an awfully long test and thank goodness was finally taking the post test. She said "That's great, now all you have to do is use that sixteen digit code I gave you and take the  actual test."


I first had to take a pre test, without reading anything just to gauge what I already  (supposedly) knew, which I scored 70 on. (my bad)   Then had to  watch a bunch of videos and read a ton of material and take the post test. Scored an 85. I thought I was done when she called to remind me about the code for the actual test.

Three hours later I took the real deal test and scored ninety...not too bad for an old woman! She told me when  done to simply log off and go to my restaurant for work.

I found my way out of the maze of back room doors and called the restaurant to tell them I was still in the domestic terminal but on the way to the international terminal.

I went through security like I have the past three days but for some reason they set my tub to the side and a TSA worker asked me to follow him. Great, guess I forgot to take that AK- 47 out of the clear plastic purse I was carrying.

He pulled out my bottle of Bath and Body spray (which I JUST bought a couple of weeks ago) and told me it was over the three ounce limit. I didn't mention it had been  there the past few days going through security and no one said anything. I asked if he wanted me to throw it away but shook his head and said just not to bring it again. Thank the Lord, it cost me ten bucks.

I left security and  already running late although the restaurant knew I had been taking the Safe Serve test but was antsy about being late. I was calling the restaurant on my cell to tell them I was on the way and somehow missed the escalator going down where the Plane Train takes you out to the International terminal. I wound up back outside of security and had to go through again.

I stopped and threw my precious bottle of body spray into a trash can knowing I was fixing to walk through security again. Lucky for me I found the shuttle bus I rode yesterday and simply got on it.

I trained from three fifteen til almost eight. I was on the sautee line with one of the chef's who let me taste every dish he prepared. I ate more food than I have in the past month. I even tired the grilled octopus.

It's a lot of food I've never tried or sometimes even heard of but what the hey, I'm stepping out of the box. Don't ask me how to pronounce half of it, that's going to be a big issue but just going to have to study like crazy.

So I have one job I am comfortable with and know like the back of my hand. I have another job I have a hard time even finding the way to.

I'm taking deep breaths, I'm praying a lot and telling myself what my daughter tells me all the time...

"You GOT this mom!"

Tomorrow I have to go to the Midtown location for a beverage class before going to the airport.

I'm assuming this is a class where I will learn how much knowledge I lack about fine wines.

I am totally and completely overwhelmed but never been the sort to back down or give up and don't plan on starting now.

If I can make it through training and work these two jobs for several months, will be the answer I've been looking for.

Two more days of feeling completely out of my league then I 'll have four shifts back to back in my comfort zone at Mama's.

I felt like going back to that trash can on the way out tonight and rooting around to find my body spray but was so tired was just glad I found the Marta train to take me back to the little truck my wonderful neighbors have let me use to get back and forth to this new job.

I may not have "Got this" yet but sure am going to give it my best shot.

Til next time...COTTON

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