Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Over!

I started feeling bad at work on Friday night. By the time I clocked out  could hardly stand. My face was flushed with fever and nose running like a faucet. Massey picked me up, took me home and made me some hot herbal tea. I collapsed on the sofa and didn't get up until time for work on Saturday. Felt a bit better or at least convinced myself so and made it through another busy shift. Came home and prepared food to take to work on  Sunday. All the servers brought something so we could snack as we worked.

Woke up on Mother's Day and the kids gave me a really sweet card, Massey gave me flowers and the three of them gave me a book about the history of Atlanta. Took the three Mac & Cheese's I'd made Saturday night and went in at ten AM.

Yes I was dreading the day.

People are usually awful on busy holidays and servers end up feeling more  like victims.

Today was off the wall busy, the kitchen was overwhelmed but believe it or not out of twelve hours only encountered one person who acted like an idiot...Go figure.

Most people were patient, understanding and renewed my faith in the human race.

We had people lined up at the doors ten minutes before we opened them. We had planned on feasting on our employee buffet during the lull but a lull never happened. Around five I scarfed down a hot dog while sitting on a step stool I opened by the ice machine.

I have never had so few complainers in the thirty four years I've been serving. For the most part everyone understood what a crush we were under and patiently waited for their food.

I was actually dreading today so much,  mainly because I was under the weather and not feeling my best but to my great surprise most  people were absolutely awesome.

Maybe all these years as a sever tainted my faith of the public.

My first few steps were awesome. Great tables, people and even a few laughs.

 As it got even busier there were a few times when felt I was drowning. Long ticket times, people sitting waiting for food with no one but me to answer for it. I eventually ran out of answers and asked for prayers and patience.

Twelve hours later I limped out the back door waiting on the curb for my daughter to pick me up. After all was said and done, out of  every table I waited on only one left me a bad tip.

That's a pretty good average!

Not sure if it's global warming, all the new meds on the market, sky high gas prices or maybe just people realizing what really matters but the public was pretty stinking nice to me...and it felt  good.

If going out to eat on Mother's Day turns into an ordeal and have to wait for your meal is the biggest thing to happen to you, you're one of the lucky ones.

Obviously I waited on really smart people today.

I hope every Mother had a fabulous day.

Mine was tiring, trying at times but pretty lucrative.

If I'd had the day off that would have been awesome but think I'd rather have the paycheck.

Til next time...COTTON

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Enie Dub said...

Glad you got through the day. Happy Mother's Day to you from Ireland!