Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prom Night(mare)

I've gotta start paying more attention to dates on the calendar. I went bopping into work today around three thirty thinking about how I would MAKE this my big night. That was until one of the cooks told me we were down two cooks and no one else could cover.

The high school system had other plans too. The high school all three of my kids attended had prom tonight and it's a school of over 3,000 students. They started pouring in the door around four in gowns obviously costing some serious money and made me begin to wonder exactly how many hormones are they pumping into chickens these days because some of  these gals rivaled Dolly Parton in their strapless gowns? No wonder their dates looked all sweaty.

My first table of  four were very nice and well behaved which made the three dollar tip they left me on a seventy dollar tab seem more like five but doesn't help ME much.

Another male server who has a great sense of humor commented to me in the kitchen  he was going to start going up to the guys at his table and ask if they needed him to buy them some beer or see if anybody needed condoms?

My next table left me six on eighty... at least I was going in the right direction and was time for all them to start heading to the "Big Dance."

The Kentucky Derby was about to start and the bartender started a Derby pool. One buck let you draw a horse's number out of a jar and if your horse won, you got the pot...nineteen dollars. I took one of the nine dollars I had made and drew myself a number out of the jar.

I was cleaning my table of latest Prom'ers when my horse screamed across the line! Number Five, California Chrome.

Take that, high school kids! I was now even with what I SHOULD have made.

You know, I don't get too upset about prom. The parents most probably DO lecture them about tipping when counting out the bills before the kid leaves, but when you hand a kid a wad of cash on the most important night in their seventeen year old life, once in THEIR pocket feel like they are rolling Phat and making the decisions.

My co worker may have been pretty smart with his concept. Maybe next year instead of a dessert menu I'll hand out a menu of items I have to sell. I'm thinking Sloe Gin, Sprite and Trojans.

At least I got off at a reasonable hour. Last night I was the last server to clock out, which sucks when you go in at three thirty. With my bounty from the Derby I did okay.

My last table was a man around mid forties with his fourteen year old daughter. His wife was in Savannah with friends. They were such nice peeps! After dinner the dad said they were just going home and he was headed for his couch. He said one of his buddies had told him about a great show to watch on Netflix.

I almost opened my mouth to tell him what show he really he needed to watch when he said my favorite two words, "Breaking Bad."

I pulled out a chair and we talked for ten minutes about the show! He had only watched the pilot episode but just like me was hooked from the get go. I told him about my addiction to the show and shared all I had learned from creeping on the cast members via the Internet.

I would almost bet all the money I won in the Derby pool he is still watching now and is almost one in the morning.

 I did warn the guy what happened to me... finished the series early one morning and immediately started re watching episode one. His eyes lit up and totally agreed with me. There are so many facets to the story and is hard to catch the first time around. He had already watched the pilot episode twice.

Thanks to  California Chrome I made out okay and was so much fun talking "Breaking Bad" with someone else!

Working the opening shift tomorrow/today so I'd better peace out for now.

Life's good, sometimes bad.

 If it was never bad,  how would you know when it was good?

Til next time...COTTON

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