Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting Better All the Time

Tim had to get up at two AM for his first full day on his new job. I think it's the first time he's ever looked FORWARD to getting up at that time.

If you think I have been stressed out, just imagine how he has felt. His car is running again thanks to Zach and my next door husband's kid. They put a new alternator and timing belt on and it's working just fine now.

Zach had to go in to open at the restaurant where he cooks. Usually this would mean shuffling and arranging a ride. Thanks to my nephew who is out of town and left us his car to use this weekend, Zach took it to work, therefore also having a ride home when he got off (another big issue we had).

Lucky me didn't have to leave the house until it was time for my shift.  It's such a pleasure to wake up and not have to immediately ask every one what time they need to leave for work or scramble out early in the morning to get errands run before someone else needed it for work.

I still call us the Clampetts, but feel as if we've found a little bit of that Texas Tea the last day or two. Tim finally secured a full time job, friends and family came to our rescue with loaner vehicles to get us all to and from work and even my neighbor pitched in, spending MANY hours over here getting Tim's own car fixed.

I feel like a different person. I think some of my gray hair has even turned back to it's natural color.

I went in to work today and my boss asked if Tim had started his new job? I said "Yes, thank The Lord." He asked if I felt better and I put it this way: "Well I haven't cried once in two days, what do you think?"

Two days ago I couldn't STOP crying. I was lamenting about our sorry luck to Barb, the owner's wife and said I felt so desperate had even briefly contemplated suicide but knew Tim certainly didn't have the money to dispose of my ninety nine pounds. She said in her usual droll fashion "They'd probably just ask to borrow the money from me." That at least made me smile, although she was also probably right. I call her Mrs. Drysdale because she has given me so many loans when I needed it.

When Massey and I went the next day to pick up the loaner car from my generous new friend, I asked her if there were any intricacies about the car I should know about? She shrugged her shoulders and said "Well the back passenger window doesn't roll down if that's what you mean. Other than that it runs just fine."

Had she borrowed Tim's car from us we would have had a list a mile long to tell her about:

"Okay, here's the key. It's the only one we have because they cost seventy five dollars. It's broken and duct taped together so be careful with it, sometimes it falls apart. If you turn the blinker on you have to turn it off manually after you turn. If the blinkers won't work at all you have to turn the Hazard lights on for five seconds,  turn them off and then the blinkers will work. Sometimes the gas door gets stuck and you have to pry it open the open the gas cap. The radio isn't working because after replacing the alternator and timing belt it reset and don't have the code. Other than that you're good to go unless it's really hot outside. The A/C works about as good as a small desk fan from the Dollar Store so it's better to drive with the windows down and take a comb or brush with you to fix your hair once you reach your destination, besides THAT it's a great car!"

So Tim's working again...what a blessing! I'm able to drive myself to and from work and not have to constantly bum rides or look ahead on the schedule to see who is working that lives close to me and can drop me off or pick me up.

It's almost like I'm a grown up now!

Work has been busy and the tipping gods have smiled on me. I have enough money for another payment on the car we have been buying for over a year now. Six hundred more dollars and I'll have my OWN ride.

Now that Tim is working again hopefully can make this happen in the next week or so.

One of my favorite poets of all times said it best:

Til next time...Confident COTTON

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